Wednesday, December 31

The Perfect 2008 Day

My favourite experiences from the 365 days of 2008 condensed into a day:

I will first kickstart my day with a bowl of "slippery beef congee" for breakfast at Law Fu Kee, Hong Kong ...

Followed by a mid-morning stroll through Union Square Farmers' Market, New York City ...

Before stopping for a snack, a lamb and chicken gyro from Rafiqi’s ...

Depending on my mood, lunch would either be fusion-modern at Iggy’s, Regent Hotel Singapore or a thoroughly traditional kaiseki affair at Tankuma, Kyoto.

A stroll through London’s Borough Market and Chelsea will help ease the heaviness of lunch. I will probably be in the mood for something sweet for tea. If I can't decide between Toscanini's ice cream or PS Café’s lemon pudding , maybe I should just have both...

Wouldn’t it be nice to warm up our appetites for dinner with some tapes at Bodega Y Tapas ?

But best not to get carried away as we need to leave some space for our omakase dinner at Tomo Fine Dining .

Alas I had to bid farewell to an old love.

To you:

I knew it was over before either of us admitted.

I wish I could pin the blame on you "You don't fit me!" But deep down inside I knew I let it happen. I tried working out but it only made matters worse. Somehow I had always known that you would trade me in for a chic-er, thinner Pretty Young Thing.

It is sad I couldn't get into you to understand what you were thinking; but it's even sadder that when we are together, I felt suffocated.

We had fun while it lasted.

Good bye, my Skinny Jeans.
It's time for soba!

Mummy thinks that I will be a real stud muffin when I grow up - the kind that makes women weak in the knees and hind legs. Oh you know like Leonardo Dicaprio when he was playing Jack Dawson in Titanic? Yet every now and then, even the King of the World needs to rest his weary royal butt somewhere and I found the perfect potted plant to cuddle into. Mummy’s not happy though - she thinks I have found another way to get dirty and I am not even potty-trained yet!

Mummy and I wish you all Happy New Year!

xoxo soba


ice said...

Happy New Year yixiao! To soba and toro too!

Weylin said...

You are hilarious. Happy New Year, Ms Personality!

yixiaooo said...

hey ladies, happy new year to you too!