Monday, June 16

Finale Desserterie & Bakery, Boston

On my second day on Boston, Edward and I dined at Finale, an upscale desserterie (love this word). Although there was an outlet near Edward's place, we visited the one on Columbus Avenue as we had the Blue Man Group to catch thereafter. Dining at Finale is like hitting the fast-forward button to dessert. Not that it was a rushed meal, it was more of 'cut the chase, let's get down to dessert!'

Cut the chase, we shall.

The Whole Nine Yards served as our "Getting Started" guide- a sampler platter featuring nine tasting portions of Finale's specialty desserts, including the Chocolate Infatuation, Fantasia, Caramel Carnivale II, Manjari Mousse, Crème Brûlée, Finale Cheesecake, Boston Cream Delight and Sorbet.

Ha, by the time you finish reading that paragraph and googled ‘Manjari Mousse’, I would have been more or less done with the dainty offerings.

Great for people with an attention span of three bites and believers of the Law of Diminishing Returns. Aka ‘Almost Perfect for Me’ since I fall into both categories- what are the odds?

Well, ‘almost ’ because what am I suppose to do with one bite? Savour it? Come on, don’t tease me!

Naturally we ‘upsized’ our next order the Boston Cream Pie. You so saw that coming, didn’t you? When in Rome Boston, order … Finale’s version of the famed dessert was made up of yellow cake, cream and chocolate, and also featured chocolate whoopie pies (vanilla gelato sandwiches!), cherry almond Florentines, apricot sauce and fresh fruit.

We couldn’t resist the Fruit Tart, which bore such bright hues it could have qualified as one of Blair Bitch’s sidekicks in Gossip Girl. Why not, since it’s already a ‘tart’ to begin with!?

After Blue Man Group performance, we walked back to Finale for some hot chocolate. The cool breezy night was perfect for Noisette Chocolate, which was rich with hazelnut flavour, kind of like sipping kinder bueno... truly an encore-worthy performance.

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diana said...

what time is your flight on friday?

Diana said...

I'm having dinner with my family on Thursday, so i can only meet around 4 plus to 5pm on Thursday. How's that arrangement?

yixiaooo said...

yoo babe... thurs is not good... my flight's late at night... how about fri dinner? maybe at around 7pm?

Diana said...

sure! friday is very good for me.. let me arrange something out with the girls... so for now, it's friday 20th June dinner. Anywhere in particular?

yixiaooo said...

hey hey sorry.. i can only meet on thurs now.. how about your original plan of thurs 4pm?

Diana said...

i arrive at 2.50pm, prob can meet at 4.30pm? let's say city hall?

yixiaooo said...

4.30pm can! wanna try out this new cafe at paragon?

Diana said...

sure thing! see you then!

ladyironchef said...

the desserts look really nice! i try caffe cova at paragon already! haha