Friday, May 11

Teck Kee Wanton Mee and some questions

One fine day, mum, sister and I walked - correction, they walked, I waddled - over to Teck Kee Wanton Mee Coffeeshop (Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-04/05) for dumpling noodles ( (shui jiao) main). I was slightly less than enthusiastic when my younger sister suggested doing so as my back was killing me and I have never found a need to venture out for dumplings as my mum's dumplings are mighty fine to boot.

However, even I had to swallow my pride and admit these dumplings were gooood. Generously stuffed with minced pork and shrimp, crunchy thanks to the presence of black fungus and water chestnut, blessed  with the fragrance of sesame oil. Now, all I need to do is pimp my bump and convince my mum she can pull off something just as delicious.

On another note:

I used to think I have about 6-8 regular readers and that includes my mum and 2 sisters. However, a quick glance at the number page views I get reveal otherwise.


Kidding. I have nothing to offer you unless you want those leftover meatballs I have in the fridge (but even those would be gone by the weekend).

That said, I truly am curious about my readers, yes you. Based on the comments and emails I get, I feel I have a lot of young female readers. That's fine, I know I have never been the guy-type of girl.

But tell me:

1. Are you a regular reader or did you click on the 'Some Like it Haute' link from another blog or did you just chance upon my blog while googling "How to overcome Middle Child Syndrome"?

2. Are you female, male and do you have kids, pets and/ or plants?

3. How old are you and what are you doing now? Well, not right now as I know you are reading my blog but what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Do leave a comment and say "hello" or email me if you are shy. Even if you don't leave a comment, I know you are out there ... lurking, observing from somewhere ... like Batman.


Jasmine said...

Hiiii! I'm Jasmine~! A 24 year old full-time web/digital designer who has subscribed to your blog months back via google reader because I like your posts on fooood hahaha.

Now I have a craving for dumplings :O

Hope your back pains are okay? My colleague's pregnant too and she's been aching everyday :/

Hamster said...

1. Regular reader. I can't remember how I got to your blog, but I'm subscribed using Google Reader. Food is the main reason.

2. Male, married, 2 kids.

3. Web work. Work, family and church on a daily basis. Seriously. Not much time for more than that.

Jia you on the pregnancy!

Shihui said...

1. Regular. For how long?? I'm not sure. At least 2 years!!

2. Female, 22, undergrad. Boyfriends don't count as pets right?

3. I tweet, read other blogs, study study study, rinse and repeat. I also suscribe to your twitter account! Heehee.

4. My favourite post ever (EVER!!!) was the one on your wedding outfits.

Anonymous said...

Ello, It's me again; Erinlyn!

Heeeee, I randomly clicked onto your blog (which I forgot how) and I was so amazed that how you managed to update so consistently! And also I love all the intro you had on your blog and your way of living it, like it's so much so real-life reading your blog compared to other famous blogger. My name tells you I'm a female right? Ha, just hit 20 & I'm serving for my volunteered overseas intern in Zhuhai! So I'm always hopping around other than all the never ending work and inconsistent OTs. I think that one should live life fullest by exploring as much and out of the comfort zone! If I'm in Singapore now, most probably other than the usual school life with projects, I'll be working at Botanic Garden which I had been there for a good 2 years; serving the public at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Yes, it's near Food for thought & Hatch & Adam food centre! Heeeee(=

yixiao said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! It's really fun reading what you guys have to say :)

Lisa said...

Hi. I originally found your blog when researching Tokyo destinations. I am Australian, married with 2 kids. I like reading about your travels and eats. I have been to Singapore 7 times and I have relatives there. Keep up with the fun posts!

Anonymous said...

hullo yixiao! im shuyi, haha, i read your blog for food and fashion- one of my favourite reads nowadays to be honest. too lazy to comment normally but ive decided to pop out to say hello! hope all is going well with you. muah!

PY said...

1. Stalk your blog and twitter since 2009.
2. Female. Keep a few edible plants and a man who feeds me.
3. Female but not young. I manage people who manage people. It's rather complicated but it's sure the case.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm Gilly.

I'm a regular reader who chanced upon your blog when homesick for hawker food while in the UK. I'm female, a new mum of baby boy. No pets or plants. I'm in my early thirties and at home on maternity leave. Otherwise, my job deals with current affairs and politics. For now, it's nursing, burping, changing diaper, bathing galore. Rinse and repeat.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy -- I sure miss being pregnant. You're looking great.

Yuu said...

Hi Hi YX!

My friend introduced me to your blog 3yrs back while we were searching for delicious cakes one fine day! Have been your regular reader since then!!

I am an OL working in the CBD. Pleasure = Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, shopping, movie, museum, reading blogs & magazines... no pets. love flowers (very much). 

I love reading your blog post on food & your experiences. keep it up!


Joe said...

Hi. I'm a 17 year old male polytechnic student and I'm a regular reader. Don't worry, I'm not stalkeresque or anything. I just think that you write really well and my favourite quote from you is "I hear the angels singing...... in Digital Dolby Surround Sound." from gawd knows from which one of your ancient posts. Anyway, I'll continue to be a loyal and faithful reader and P.S. I have a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi. Ok, bye.

sooks said...

I am sooks and we know each other! :)

n said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for a few years actually - a very silent reader. I'm female, ploughing midway in my 20s, and stuck in an uneventful job (for now).

good luck with your baby. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful mother, and your baby would grow up with the most refined of palates ;)

yixiao said...

You guys are so so sweet! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

hello im anony :P ive been reading your blog since 2006. i think your wedding gowns are damn funky and absolutely amazed how you didnt balloooooon up during pregnancy even though you eat so much desserts and cakes! :P :P :P keep eating! =)

Anonymous said...

25 yr old female in investment banking, stumbled onto your blog from another food blog and recognized you from secondary school. We don't know each other though, different batch. Hope that doesn't creep you out.

Chrysella said...


1) Cam across your blog from another food blog (His Food Blog) one day last year, and had been reading ur blog regularly since. Love your quirky sense of humor and your stylish photo designs. Occasional VIP appearances of your pugs is also one major reason I keep returning. Somehow I always develop a one-sided friendship/ fascination with the bloggers I follow :}

2/3) Don't worry i do not stalk bloggers in real life. Im a perfectly sane young women (in early 30s but keeps thinking she's only 20s), who works in the education line. Food and animals keeps me sane most of the time. I have a very wise old tortoise at home who shares the same passion for food as me.

Lastly, congrats on ur wedding and pregnancy! (Sorry for such delayed congratulatory msges, for i usually prefer to lie low as the phantom follower (aka lazy).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Amelia and I've been reading your blog for maybe a year? I'm 19 and (eagerly) awaiting uni to start! Stumbled upon your blog from some other blogger's link. I really love your blog cus it somehow has a really cheery vibe to it. I also appreciate your wittiness alot :) your pictures have managed to get me through the dreadful a levels! In what way you might ask? The one thought that always came to my mind when I had a million things to do was "after your exams, good food awaits". Anyway, keep up the good work, and don't change your writing style! Take care during your pregnancy :)

Anonymous said...

1. Regular reader; have been for a few years. Love the way you write. Reading your humourous posts have cheered me up from work blues many a time. Thanks!

2. Female. Have kids. Gave birth early this year. Hence hope you understand if I hate you for looking so beautiful during your pregnancy.

3. Mid 30s. I teach. Or at least, I try to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yi Xiao, I found your blog when I googled for "piao ji fish porridge" sometime this year, and have been regularly checking your blog since I love your food posts so much. I'm female, in late 20s and work in Tanjong Pagar area (in fact I think I've walked past your mum's (?) office and saw your dogs there!).
Anyway, do keep writing though this will probably be tough once baby arrives. Continue eating fab and looking fab and have a safe pregnancy and delivery ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yi Xiao, I found your blog when I googled for "piao ji fish porridge" sometime this year, and have been regularly checking your blog since I love your food posts so much. I'm female, in late 20s and work in Tanjong Pagar area (in fact I think I've walked past your mum's (?) office and saw your dogs there!).
Anyway, do keep writing though this will probably be tough once baby arrives. Continue eating fab and looking fab and have a safe pregnancy and delivery ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Regular reader now after stumbling upon this site after searching for some food reviews some time ago.

2. Male, no kids no pets no plants. No nothing.

3. Coming to the big 3-0. Trader on a day-to-day basis. Sells wine on weekends.

Charlie Brown.

yixiao said...

thank you for all your lovely comments. have a wonderful weekend =)

Anonymous said...

HI, I am a working mother with 4kids. My kids are from 20 y.o. to 9 y.o.
I do not how and when i started reading your blog. Your reviews on food keep me here... :)
Enjoy your pregnancy......
God bless

Anonymous said...

i'm kirsten... a regular reader for more than 2 years now (i was the one who commented i love chee cheong fun without sweet sauce and love it with light soy sauce and seseme oil)... i came across your blog from another food blogger i think camemberu?

i love reading food blogs coz it lets me decide whether i should try a particular place - like dr leslie tay of ieatishootipost says "don't waste your calories on bad food"...

i'm female, gonna hit the big 3-0 next year... married without kids... i work in the bank... and spend my weekends at the gym before finding a nice place to have a good dinner to pamper myself for a hectic week that just passed...

a few more months before you're due... wishing you a safe and smooth delivery... =)

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader for some years now, stumbled upon it while browsing through food blogs.

I'm female, 26 and single.
Working as a doctor.

Good luck with your pregnancy and pls get an epidural!! I've seen way too many women scream their lungs out...

yixiao said...

thanks for the heads-up! xoxo

peccavi said...

hey yx! i chanced upon your blog one day (maybe when i was googling some food place) last year and have been following your blog since! You write well!

Am a 30 yr old female teacher, single, spend free time surfing, going to the gym and hanging out with friends (hence your entries come in really useful).

Think you and your blog will move into a new season once the baby is here. Jia you and looking forward to more delicious posts from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Iris, came upon your food blog while reading other food blogs :)
Am in my 30s and also expecting my first child? (yay!!) few weeks after u; am 28 weeks now n yes, I waddle too!
No plants, no pets, except the hubby. Heh heh.

yixiao said...


floberita said...

hi yi xiao,

love your kooky way with words! am a working mom, happily married with a teen. keep writing, many good things ahead for you and baby :)

God bless you.

skerrie said...

Hi yi xiao

Haven't read your blog in a year, and so much has happened! Congratulations on the coming baby, and I look forward to reading more of your quirky yet impeccably tasteful takes on food and life in general!


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for at least two years. I don't remember how I got here but it was probably through surfing food blogs. I really enjoy reading your posts about restaurants and in general the personal things you write about as well. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm a 36 yr old woman - married with 2 kids (aged 4.5 and almost 2. I'm from the US and moved here with my hubby (a German) and toddler girl 3 years ago. We have an aquarium with small fish and tiny shrimps, a cat and a hamster. Outside of work we spend most of our time with our kids so we don't go out much without our kids - that makes reading your blog a way to get to know of some places to eat and the culture here a little better.

I work for a corporate travel company and take care of my kids.

Keep up the blog! It's even educational...I learn lots of new foods to try and even new words here - latest being towkay.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Cat. I love your honest entries and envy your foodie lifestyle very much! I got to this blog from your friend Zee's blog. I am working at Singapore's largest camera rental centre called *wait for it* Camera Rental Centre! Ahaha. I'm a lady without cats and had a venus fly trap that died recently. That's all and have a great day!