Wednesday, July 29

Dulcet & Studio, Liang Court

My brother-in-law ordered this Ethiopian Eclair. Dulcet Studio has an amazing array of eclairs but since I am not the biggest eclair person around (I rather have a cream puff, thank you very much), it is not fair for me to judge this.

My elder sister's choice - Matcha Chiffon Cake - was a delightful bittersweet slice that could not have been lighter or fluffier. I usually don't like sponge cakes as it feels like I am eating nothing so an extra layer of fresh cream ups the indulgence level without overdoing it. 

Similarly, the Fruit Scoop Cake was another light, refreshing treat. Given how much I prefer dense cakes like cheesecakes and ganache, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Clearly, the Firstborn enjoyed it too. 

And you know what, Dulcet Studio has the best Mont Blanc in Singapore (so far)! You can taste the flavour of chestnuts, the custard is lovely, and the tart shell super buttery and short. Ever since I know how much work goes into piping those strands, I have even more respect for the patissiers behind this treat. 

I shall make it a point to get my hands on their famed cream puffs next time =)

Tuesday, July 28

3 reasons why I loved my birthday cake

1. I finally got my girly-as-hell 2-tier pink-ombre cake!

2. The upper deck was a scrumptious stack of hazelnut chocolate with crunchy balls, and the lower deck - my favourite! - lychee martini.

3. It feels especially great to support old school bakery Pine Garden. #oldiebutgoodie

Sunday, July 26

I had a birthday party and this is my fav photo

Feels quite surreal leaving my twenties behind.  I'm so so thankful for the dizzying ride so far, and for those who stood with me throughout.

Friday, July 24

Ciel Patisserie, Hougang Ave 1

Now with 2 tots, we hardly get out. Ok, a large part of it has to do with the fact that we are homebodies and too lazy to hunt down new stuff. Fortunately, we have good friends who bring the world to us. The world being lovely desserts from Ciel Patisserie that Vernon and Yiling brought over for lunch.

I don't want to sound like their PR machine but props to local girl Chara Lim for picking up some serious skills at Le Cordon Bleu and bringing a slice of froufrouness to the suburbans. The pastries at Ciel Patisserie are commendable!

I mean, look at the Bombe. Like seriously, look at it - you can see your reflection in the Bombe! A dessert that offers you a chance to check yourself out? What more can you ask for in this day and age of the selfie?

Sarcasm aside, the Bombe was an intensely dark chocolate treat studded with a couple of tangy blueberries.

The tarts are short and buttery. If you feel breaking out of your comfort zone, go for the Ginger Creme Brûlée; otherwise the Chocolate Caramel would be pretty pleasing.

The Oreo Cheesecake is smooth but dense. I love cheesecakes and I love them on the dense side so no problem polishing it off.

The Fuji wasn't a crowd favourite, I will admit. Even if you are a matcha freak, approach with caution. I liked the bittersweetness of the matcha but overall this was a little too funky for me.

The Strawberry Shortcake was a doll with its couldn't-be-lighter whipped cream and sponge. The rose pipping is just beautiful too.

Wednesday, July 22

The Sushi Bar, Ngee Ann City

An assortment of sashimi consisting of salmon (sake), tuna (maguro), aamberjack (hamachi), octopus (tako) and swordfish (mekajiki). Uber thick and fresh slices of sashimi. Uber satisfying. I needed to take a breather after downing each slice.

Wagyu Don - Need I say more? But then again, it was the superbly comforting olio of sweet sauce, ozzy yolk and beef drippings that made me polish up rice.

Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Don - Stop reading if you are a sashimi pursuit .... Aburi anything usually scores an A in my books.

Monday, July 20

The weekend we realised the awesomeness of oven fried chicken

For a couple of introverts, KW and I are fortunate to have a small but tight bunch of friends. We had KW's primary school friends over for lunch last Saturday and we prepared a simple meal - well, when I feel the need to impress someone, I would likely not be bothered to invite them over to begin with.

We cracked open a tin of foie gras and some blue cheese, I made beetroot pesto, and we mopped them up with chips and toasted batard. No pictures as I couldn't get my hand out of the chips bag long enough to hold the phone.

For mains, we went to town with oven fried chicken. Some of us threw caution to the wind (and medical advice) and made it a 3-piece meal. If there's anything I've learnt before hitting 30 (ahem, from the kitchen perspective), it is brine brine brine. Oh yeah, and live a little - make it a 3-piece meal.

Desserts materialized in the form of pastries from Ciel Patisserie, generously brought by Vernon and Yiling, which I'll save for another post.

It was a gathering that stretched close to 5 hours long, but I am happy to have these guys over again in a heartbeat.