Friday, June 24

A tale of 2 two fishball noodles

Shh, but I have been on a fishball noodles kick lately. Fishball kway teow, to be exact. 

Song Kee Fishball Noodles from Lau Pa Sat
A popular store though I think it is only so-so 

Sen Ji Fishball Noodles from May Hua Food Court'
My personal favourite!

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day!

Oh, it's Father's Day.. One of Hallmark's less profitable occasions. We had a simple homely Thai meal, where KW taught our Firstborn how to use the fork and spoon properly. We didn't do anything fancy. But the day was perfect because KW was finally home from a long work trip. Happy Father's Day to the man who showed me how to be a better mum.

Friday, June 17

Treats from Clinton Street Bakery, Purvis Street

After lunch with my in-laws at Manzoku, we popped by Clinton Street Bakery to pick up a couple of treats for afternoon tea. The pineapple upside down cake, tart and buttery, reminded me of an oversized pineapple tart in a cake form. Hope I am making some sense here. I loved the pecan square bar but its moreish crumb and crunch.

Wednesday, June 15

Folks Collective, China Square

Ugh, overpriced Thai food. I mean it was okayyyy, can't really go wrong but the overall feel was clinical and soul-less. I have read the lunch portions are small so Z and I ordered  some dishes to share. 

First up, the mango salad that was pleasant enough, but namely because it's hard to go wrong with peanuts and green mango. Really, it's hard.

The salted egg squid was - hmmm - smallish, and the salted egg flavour present but faint. 

The red curry with roasted duck and lychee was ok. Flavours parred down for the expats working in the area. 

The company was awesome though. 

Monday, June 13

Manzoku, Purvis Street

Lunch at Manzoku with the sole intention of trying their chirashi. That was a tour de force, replete with thick satisfying slices of sashimi! The other dishes we had such as tempura and katsudon were serviceable. As long as the kids are placated, I will give the cook a pat on the back. We also had a couple of rolls - Hotate Supreme Maki and Soft Shell Crab Maki - that were predictably good (aburi-ed mentaiko FTW). On hindsight though, the sushi rice here tends to be on the dry side.

Monday, June 6

Gai Yang, Thai Grilled Chicken

Recently I made Gai Yang, Thai grilled chicken for a potluck and it scored major nom points. It was based off this awesome recipe from RecipeTin Eats, abut I left out the red chilis to make it kid-friendly. Although flavourful on its own, I brought along homemade chinchalok mayonnaise (for those who like it spicy) and "Redeye" coffee mayonnaise (for those who like er, anything with coffee) for our lunch companions.

Wednesday, June 1

Greenwood Fish Bistro, Greenwood Avenue


Ok breathe, let's talk about real fish.

The intention was to take my grandmother out for lunch. She had recently been hospitalized and when we visited her, she told me how much she loves raw oysters. Bless her 86-88 year old heart. Thanks to Google, we found Greenwood Fish Bistro at Greenwood Avenue and made a trip down for my grandmother's oysters. The lady wanted oysters and she got her oysters. I didn't have any, hence the lack of pictures.

What I did have was a great meal. These people know how to treat fish with respect. Simple preparation but fresh ingredients and bold flavours. Bam!

For starters, we had the calamari and swordfish belly.

I was a happy camper with the ubiquitous calamari. Good price point. Great crumb. You would be hard-pressed to find a better version in town.

The real deal was the swordfish belly carpaccio. Though it was heavily seasoned, you still taste the oozy fish fat. Akin to the Western you sheng. Just orders!

We ordered fish and chips for the boys. Instead of the house version (which uses dory), we ordered a red snapper version. I can't fault the dish but it was safe. As in safe boring.

Get their chargrilled fish instead. I had the barramundi, my dad had the ocean trout and both dishes were amazing! What sealed the deal was the oomphy mushroom sauce. The mushroom sauce was so good, I asked for more. I've never done that in my entire life. Ask for more sauce? Who's this person?! Bring on the saaaucccceee!

KW ordered the smoked cheese burger. Burger in a seafood restaurant? Are you kidding me? Well, the joke was on the rest of us, because the burger was awesome! I loved they use brioche buns because we all know a white soft bun is perfect for soaking up meat juices right? The patty was great too.

Perfect tint of pink too, if I may add

For dessert, I ordered a key lime tart to share. Turns out half the family was too full and the other half no fan of citrus desserts. What's a girl to do? But turn to her cousin who she has not seen in more than a year, who just so happens to back for the month, taking a break from PH.D. studies in NYC, and who just so happens to declare key lime tart to be his all-time favourite dessert. I kid you not. Stranger things have happened but I'm glad my cousin enjoyed his share of the dessert.

Proving that desserts are not an afterthought at this seafood bistro, the key lime tart was a sweet tangy kiss encased within a thin buttery shell. Cest lovely!

All in all a superb meal. I personally would love to head back soon :)