Monday, May 21

놀러와 - Come N Joy, Millenia Walk

In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from Come N Joy. The restaurant usually sports a sparse lunch crowd (not sure about their dinner crowds) and that didn't particularly incite much confidence. Doesn't help that the name sounds kind of "???" too. However, the friend had the Entertainer app which meant a 1-for-1 offer and that prompted us to try out Come N Joy.

Happy to report the food is actually really good!

Their gimbap was wholesome and tasty, packed with beef, carrots, cucumber. The ratio of rice to condiments was a pleasant 20:80. Gimbap is an overlooked cousin of sushi and this version will easily make converts out of non-believers.

The chicken took a while to arrive and when it did, the server candidly told us to be careful as it was hot. HE WAS RIGHT. While I'm super thrilled that the chicken was freshly made, do not pick up the chicken with your bare fingers as they will burrrrrrrrn.

The Lemon Cheese Chicken, an in-house signature, sounds like a monstrosity but it was in fact really good! Deep-fried chicken tossed with lemon sauce, then topped over with melted cheese... It was crunch, creamy, lemony, cheesy - weird flavour combinations that sounds odd but oddly enough works!

We ordered the Soy Garlic Chicken, which was crazy satisfying too. Sweet, savoury and of course, indulgent. What I liked about the chicken here is the generous sizeable pieces.

An unexpected great find - will come back again real soon with KW and the boys!

Wednesday, May 16

Mother's Day Dinner + May DOTM

Mother's Day this yer was remarkably ..... low key. We had my parents and in-laws over for dinner on Saturday and that was it. It didn't even "feel" like Mother's Day on Sunday and I was wondering why Sushi Tei was soo crowded till my own mother reminded me it was Mother's Day. Thanks mum! *back to stuffing my face*

Perhaps I have finally grown out of the Hallmark festivities or just suffering from post-staycation blues. Either way, I hope you celebrated it the way you wanted - as a mother, with a mother or just at home binging on salted egg fish skin. No judgement.

I did receive a couple of handmade gifts from the boys. It's amazing how my cold cold heart warms so easily at the sight of these totally un-Instagramable gifts. Ah, my boys... They make me question my sanity and worth but yet, they fix everything too. 

So... we hosted dinner and I made a few dishes - roasted pumpkin with mixed greens, japchae for my gluten-free-ish mother, and a slow-roasted beef brisket that was spent a better part of the day in the oven. 7.5 hours to be exact.

Total disclaimer: I'm not going to take any credit for the recipe and you can find it here.

The funny thing is while our parents enjoyed the brisket, I found very quickly that brisket is really not a cut of tea. Though the beef was tender and the flavour was bang-on, I missed the fat that had rendered out by the end of the cooking time. If you like the lean texture of brisket, you will enjoy this dish. For me, I'm just waiting for KW to fry up those Wagyu MB4 steaks we have in our freezer.

Monday, May 14

Origin Bar & Grill, Shangri La Hotel

We had a substantial amount of credits that needed to be use up and our train of thought went along the lines of “When in doubt, go for steak.”

Origin Bar & Grill is one of the many restaurants at Shangri La and I’m really glad we had lunch there. The service is amazing (in fact, we enjoyed really awesome service throughout our stay at Shangri La), the food is pretty good and the ambience is modern mahogany elegance tres lovely.

Their Express Lunch Menu made for a lovely non-OTT lunch and it’s surprisingly affordable too from $34++ for 3 courses and $45++ for 4 courses. In fact, the bottle of wine we had made up half the cost of the meal. We all had the 3-course lunch set and another couple of dishes for the boys.

Williams River crossbred Wagyu Flank Steak 140g 
400 days grain fed MB 5/6

My starter of Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Seeded Cracker, Beetroot & Avocado was easy to please and welcoming start to our meal. I also tried some of the Pumpkin Soup which was sweet and creamy, punctuated with fried shallots.

For my main, I had the Wagyu flank steak, it might not seem like a lot but between heavy meals and some baguette at the start of the meal, this was the perfect portion.

Also, if I may add, we had plenty of dessert.

The cake cart was an alluring set up right at the entrance and I knew immediately what I wanted to try. We ordered their chocolate fudge cake and mixed berries tart, which was both absolutely decadent and scrumptious.

KW’s choice of the crème brulee proved to be a lovely rendition as well. Though we were only supposed to have 3 desserts, our server also presented us with his “his favorite walnut carrot cake.” As a carrot cake nut, I couldn't say "no" to his offer.

Friday, May 11

Staycation at Shangri La - Buds by Shangri-La

I mentioned Buds by Shangri-La was a key determining factor in choose Shangri La for our staycation and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a fairly sizable play area for children and it’s open to public (as in non-hotel guests) as well. There are a few areas: a soft-play zone for the little ones under four years old and their parents, an explorer area for bigger kids to go nuts (i.e. Russell), an outdoor play area (which you should be ready to get wet) and themed activity areas (for kids who prefer quiet-er play times i.e. Lucas).

We spent a couple of hours at the indoor play area… How is it that it is us adults who were wiped after the play session? I literally lay on the bed not moving for an hour after playtime.

Anyway the kids went to town at Buds. I only took one photo of Russell before he zipped away in and out, up and about. Lucas spent some time in the ball pit, like IN the ball pit and not doing anything else, before his inner Banksy took over.

Oh, Buds staffers were really friendly too and eager to engage the kids at the activity areas and outdoor playground. Fun times for the kids!

Wednesday, May 9

Staycation at Shangri La - Out & About

Disclaimer: I took 118 photos throughout our staycation, thanks for bearing with me.

Staying at our Tower Wing suite meant we had access to the Horizon Club. Despite an all-day access, we really only went there for breakfast (they serve afternoon tea and cocktails & canapes as well).

Compared to the breakfast buffet at The Line, the spread at Horizon Club is a lot more modest – but by no means, inadequate. They had a live eggs stations, western options such as sausages and cereal, Asian options such as nasi lemak and dim sum. There was ample cold cuts, pastries fruit, juices, and a wine tasting bar. You could not take the Singaporean out of me – I literally breezed last the bacon and has browns for good ol’ nasi lemak and more of that kickass sambal. #AsianBreakfastsFTW

Frankly speaking, I would give up having 50+ items at the buffet line for a slice of tranquillity at Horizon Club. Needless to say, we have a great time fueling up for the activity-filled days ahead.

Located just off Orchard Road, it’s easy to forget that you are seconds away from the bustle and hustle of Singapore’s main shopping belt. The unexpected serenity and lush greenery of the space made for an incredibly relaxing stay.