Sunday, July 5

Lucas // 6 months old

Whoa, has it really been half a year?

Friday, July 3

Seconds at Big Mama Korean Restaurant, Kim Tian Road

Decent spread of refillable banchan, which is even available for takeaway orders

Love the char on the Buchu Jeon (seafood and chives pancake)

Kimchi Jeon (kimchi pancake) on steroids

The Firstborn gets a lesson in lip-numbing deviousness, 
thanks to this Budae Jugae (Army Stew)

Fatty fish oils get in muh belly... 

Their very awesome signature Dalgalbi

Cue carbs coma 

Thursday, July 2

Fruit tart from Paris Baguette

A very pretty fruit tart that cost a pretty penny too. Loved the tartness of the selected fruits, lick-off-my-spoon-smooth custard, fragrant frangipane and especially buttery shortcrust.

Wednesday, July 1

Plain Plain Vanilla, Yong Siak Street


I wish I had something nice to say about these cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. Well, there were a couple of positives:

1. It was real nice of my sister to get them for us as she had to trek through the disturbing heat to get them. 

2. The Carrot Cake cupcake was the best of the lot. Soft and spongey with great flavours and a delectable cream cheese buttercream. 

Erm well, that's it. 

The Red Velvet was kinda meh though you can argue I have never been on that red bandwagon. The two Flavours of the Month - S'mores and Pineapple Meringue - were honestly unforgettable for the wrong reason - for being too dry. 

Don't get me wrong. Given any day, these make pretty decent cupcakes and of course, I would be happy if someone gave me to me. However, are they "the best cupcakes in Singapore"? Well, you PV-supporters slash keyboard warriors can start assembling your spears because seriously, these cupcakes are well, unfortunately plain. 

Monday, June 29

Tubby's thoughts on Korean instant noodles

"Oh Papa, that looks divine! *Slurp*"

"Yes, mix it up Papa... It's all about the wrist."


Lunch at Big Mama Korean yesterday and Tubby's reaction towards his Papa's instant noodles absolutely cracks me up. #CaptionParty

Friday, June 26

Cakes from Pine Garden

As a kid, my ticket to TAF Club was deep-fried food and not sugar, thus I rarely had a hankering for cakes and desserts from old school bakeries.  

Yet now, there is an odd allure about these cakes from Pine Garden. Sure, the Chocolate Rice Cake was as artificial and cheap-tasting as they get, but that aside, the Pulut Hitam Cake and Sea Salt Caramel Roll were delightful.

Unlike the original dessert, the Pulut Hitam Cake was surprisingly light and airy, given the layers of cream and sponge, and not forgetting, a lofty dollop of black glutinous rice topping.

I thought the Sea Salt Caramel Roll looked like it tiptoed out of a fancy Japanese patisserie catalogue. Salted caramel buttercream enveloped in a vanila sponge, and coated with a layer of glossy salted caramel frosting.

Wednesday, June 24

Sacha & Sons, Mandarin Gallery

I never met a Reuben I liked. Well, I'm referring to men, and not the sandwich. Questionable acquaintances aside, KW and I decided to have lunch at Sacha & Sons sans our own sons. Decor-wise, the designers/architects worked up a lively deli vibe. Though you order at the counter, the service overall was attentive and prompt  and below minimum age.

He had the corned beef and pastrami hash, and we shared a hunk of chopped liver. No complaints on either end.

What I really enjoyed was my Reuben sandwich. Pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and zingy Russian dressing, held snugly between 2 slices of buttered rye.

Now, this is one Reuben I'm happy to get to know better.