Monday, May 2

Chibo Okonomiyaki, Dotonbori

Okonomiyaki is synonymous with Osaka and Chibo is famous for serving okonomiyaki teppanyaki-style. Chibo has been around for more than 40 years so they definitely know what they are doing. While your meal isn't made entirely before you, a show and tell awaits you as your meal is prepared right in front of you fumes and all.

Just in case you don't know what  okonomiyaki is - they are fill-your-tummy savoury pancakes topped with ingredients such as seafood and meat, topped with a distinctive sweet sauce, kewpie and dried bonito flakes for the finishing touch. It is messy comforting food. It is not something I eat very often but when in Osaka, I can't help but crave for it.

Refreshing salad

Silkest omelette I have ever had in my life

Chicken gizzards - chewy and fun to eat

Yakisoba - not a very interesting dish till it is fried in front of you

Behold the showstopper!

Fancy drizzle of kewpie...

Let's not forget the kewpie art... 

Get in my belly now!

Friday, April 29

Delices du Palais, Namba Parks

In Japan, we enjoyed leisurely tea breaks every afternoon. While shopping around Namba Parks, we made a pit-stop at Delices du Palais, where they had an arresting display of fruit tarts. The two tarts we had - Mocha Chocolate Marron and Strawberry - delicious to a tee and I thought these were better than Quit Fait Bon

Russell pretty much dominated the strawberry tart while I found myself going back for the Mocha Chocolate Marron. It was arguably the best marron dessert I have ever had, thanks to the coffee flavour! 

Wednesday, April 27

Osaka 2016

It is always wonderful in Japan! Well, till you meet tour groups from the Middle Kingdom... That aside, we had a lovely time in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara (our favourite of the three). Of course, it was challenging at times with the kids but well, what can I say, it is a learning experience for us too. HAHA!

We kickstarted our first day with a trip to Osaka caste but as you can imagine, there were hordes of tourists so we didn't bother going in. In fact throughout this trip, we were pretty much adversed to the usual touristy sites, and preferred veering off tracks and discovering little alleyways. 

At Osaka castle, I picked up my first soft serve of the trip. At 10am in the morning. Jut frozen chocolate milk, no? This would surely not be the last soft serve.

I loved shopping at Family Mart, the convenience store. I know, I am turning into an obasan! Here are just a handful of goodies we had.

Blueberry yogurt

Creme brûlée pudding

Walnut bun

Because it is perfectly legit to eat instant noodles for breakfast in Japan.

Tubby x Pablo

Yeah, we tried Pablo cheese tart... It was O-K. There were queues at the Dotonburi outlets but luckily, on one drizzling afternoon, we picked up a mini cheese tart without having to suffer the queues. Oh, FYI, they sell Pablo cheesecakes at Kansai International Airport (before and after checking in), so you can always pick them up after there. 

A random red bean bun - just look at how thin the skin is!

We are such homebodies so of course, we had more than our fair share of depachika dinners... right by the lovely sunset =)

Tuesday, April 26

Gourmet 2 Go, Platypus Kitchen

The number of salad bars in Raffles Place is truly mind-boggling. The set-up is pretty much formulistic too, 3 different sizes, consisting of a protein, plus greens and a carb. Here at Platypus Gourmet2Go , a small box starts from $6.90 for one premium protein, one regular protein, salad and pasta. There isn't a grand selection but their protein looks well-made i.e. dry and sad-looking like many salad bars. My tidy pile of little barbecue pork and creamy mushrooms made quite the delicious meal.

Monday, April 25

Poulet, Changi Airport Terminal 3

Before Japan, we had a quick bite at Poulet (Terminal 3). A lunch that I very much enjoyed. Total disclaimer: I know it's a chain, a chain that specializes in roast chicken specifically, but we didn't have their roast chicken.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Salad de Paris. Kitschy name aside, the chopped (yes!) garden salad had dried cranberry, tomato, avocado, black olive and roasted pine nuts. It might look simple and maybe "too clean," but it was a refreshing counterpart to the rich and heavy dishes we had.

A French classic is escargots. I love escargots - my initiation to French cuisine when I was a kid and I never lost my palate for it. This were comforting and briny, with a texture you either love or hate (I love).

Perhaps the only thing I wouldn't order again is the mushroom soup. The mushroom soup was extremely creamy and a little too Campbell soup-like. A little goes a long way.

Many mains looked promising but we eventually settled on the pork belly. Incredibly indulgent and tender, cloaked with a rich tangy sauce and paired with the smoothest of mashed potatoes. Rich without being overkill.

Sunday, April 24

Vacation blues

So real, my friends =(