Tuesday, January 21

Whirlwind trip to Jakarta

Whirlwind work trip to Jakarta for user testing. While I only scrapped the surface of this city, one thing’s for sure - human connection is created over food and traffic (oh, the traffic!).

Special thanks to the locals who took us around challenging the size of our stomachs, and Grab drivers who are always keen to share their stories, despite the language barrier. Oh, I have totally ruined by Four Seasons Jakarta.

I’ll be back, I promise.

Monday, January 6

The first weekend of 2020

The first weekend of 2020 kicked off with aplomb. Not one but two birthday parties.

The first being my cousin Celia's 50th birthday party, which was held at Origins Bar & Restaurant at Shangri La. The birthday girl chose a disco theme and we turned out in full force! The food was amazing and after dinner, we had a ball of a time dancing the night away (more embarrassing videos on IG ha!)

On Sunday, we celebrated little Lukee's 5th birthday with mini golf and his favourite Clark the Shark cake. Our space cadget has grown up to be a feisty expressive mini teen! Mini golf at Holey Moley was a lot of fun and I suspect adults will love it too. My little is 5! I can't believe it. 

Monday, December 30

A Last Hurrah to 2019

2019 had been pretty darn amazing. I know I say that almost every year but really, 2019 has been a year of firsts and growth. While I have been consumed by work these weeks, as I read through my blog, I realised what a fun and fulfilling year it's been. 

To kickoff the roll call, Russell entered primary school and coped really well, much to our relief. He’s such a trooper, I’m so proud of him.

I did not one but two supper clubs this year! The inaugural Addible supper club was committed on my birthday with my now-ex-team, and the second for Christmas with my new team. Crossing my fingers that I get to do more supper club next year. 

Two stand-out experiences this year were the Guo Pei exhibition at Asian Civilisation Musuem and a workshop at the Big Blue Trunk. Looking forward to more experiences this year with my dear friends, Ying and Varsh.


Looking I travelled a lot this year! Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bintan, Perth and California. Whoa! Though I travelled for work, Tokyo was amazing. I managed to catch the last whiff of cherry blossoms and soak in all that Spring had to offer. Repeat after me - Tokyo is always a good idea.

Our long weekend trip to Bintan proved that I could survive a resort vacation. Granted I did quite a bit of indoor painting, we enjoyed plenty of fun at The Residence in our private pool. The resort life? Consider me a convert.

In June, we popped over to Perth, which turned out to be surprisingly fun. We had such a blast on our bieamnial trip to California - watching the boys hang with their cousins has been such a joy. While these trips are somewhat challenging at times, they are always worth it. Good things don’t come easy and I’ve come to appreciate the bond I have with my in-laws and their family.

Though we don’t eat out as much, there were quite a few outstanding meals. Omakase at Teppei was fun... I’m think dreaming about the mapo tofu at Empress... I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday meal at Jam at Siri House... and the chirashis at Hakumai and Aoki were both wonderful.

There was ALLOOOTT of cooking this year and here some of my favourite recipes - oven-baked Taiwanese chicken, slow braised beef cheek ragu, curry leaves pesto, braised oxtail, dry laksa and healthy “truffles”  and my favourite dessert - sticky toffee pudding. Links are all within the article. 

2019 has been amazing and I’m really looking forward to 2020. Hopefully it’s the start of an awesome decade - one filled with joy, love and lots of learning opportunities.

Oh, and I can't believe I have been blogging for 15 years!!! Thanks for reading x