Monday, November 24

llaollao, United Square

When KW queued up for his iPhone 6 at the M1 313@Somerset, I was taken aback by the perennial snaking queue at llaollao. Throughout the 45-minute wait, the queue hardly diminished in length and eager beavers were happy to join the queue for a cup of Instagram-worthy frozen yogurt. Of course, I didn't join the queue back then but my curiosity was piqued, and it didn't help that a colleague loves – and raves – about it.

One day at United Square, we chanced upon a llaollao outlet with less than 10 people in the queue and less than 10 minutes later, we found ourselves with a cup of frozen yogurt filled with kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and Chips Ahoy cookies, drizzled with caramelized cookies (Lotus biscuits) sauce.

It was expectedly good. The fruits were in-season sweet, the caramelized cookies sauce was lovely and the Chips Ahoy cookies, well, were as decent as packaged cookies go.

Llaollao fans, you can all rejoice for I won't be re-joining the queue anytime soon.

Thursday, November 20

10 years and going somewhat strong

Today marks the 10th year I have kept this blog. It saw me through university, exchange program to Copenhagen, graduation, dating, engagement, wedding and the first of my first child. It used to be a source of pride for me when I was all excited over food blogging, but now, this space of mine has morphed into a quiet and restorative outlet for me.

10 years? Man, that's cra-cra-crazy. Thanks for hanging around!

Tuesday, November 18

Thirds at Sushi Kuu, Palais Renaissance

My elder sister chose Sushi Kuu for her birhday meal, which was awesome because I got to try the barachirashi! Remember how I was salivating over it when my dad order it on his birthday meal? Yeah, you could only imagine how excited I was to trek into forbidden territory in my last trimester. 

So how was it? Did it live up to expectations? Did Muhammad ascend the mountain as dutifully instructed to? Well, the freshness was undeniable but halfway into my meal... Oh wait, I finished it before I realised I was halfway into the dish. For some reason, I feel like portions have shrank. 

For a minute, I doubted myself, thinking my 7-months-pregnant appetite had grown exponentially, but my dad seconded my suspicions. Terribly upsetting, if I may add. 

Granted they now also provide a tasty creamy, citrusy salad and a couldn't-be-smoother chawanmushi, and the al dente udon is still around, I could not help but feel a tinge of sadness at the reduced main portion.  

Instead of ice cream, the complimentary dessert was either yam or matcha pudding. It was rather coarse but I finished it as I literally got hungrier after my barachirashi. 

Thankfully, we had cake too! The Chloe from Antoinette deserved thumbs' up for its delicate yet indulgent yuzu vanilla medley. But of course, the icing on the cake for my sister was getting to cuddle up with her beloved nephew, who unceremoniously blew out her candle.

Friday, November 14

Celebrating our company's 5th Anniversary

... with cupcakes from Kisses Bakery and 40 inch mega balloons, surrounded by beloved ones!

P.S. Cupcakes from Kisses Bakery were surprisingly good! I say "surprisingly" because I am not a cupcake person. Perfect size, creamy icing and spongy bottoms... The Strawberry White Chocolate and Red Velvet stood out for me, while my sister (self-professed cupcake lover who polished off the three that I took away for her in one go) raved about the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

P.P.S. Man, I love those 40 inch mega balloons. I shall order one for my children every year.

P.P.P.S. If I could reverse time, I would definitely have my wedding at Bob's Bar, Capella Hotel. Seriously, what a beautiful place.

Monday, November 10

The weekend the colleagues came over aagain

It took me a long time write this post because the weekend left me exhausted. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic at work and my system threatened to shut down when I needed it the most (when the helper is out!).

But anyway the colleagues came by again for another dinner party and this time, we yanked out the grill for a hearty feast.

I have come to realize I am always trying to cook something that I dislike - as if I were trying to discover a version that I like.

Recipe for anchovies and breadcrumb pasta HERE

Take pasta for instance, I find most variations in restaurants overly fussy, overcooked and over-sauced. I like mine al dente, ballsy and lightly dressed, which resulted in this version with slow-roasted tomatoes, panko breadcrumbs and anchovies.

Recipe for slow-roasted tomatoes HERE

My love for panko breadcrumbs and anchovies isn't newsworthy, but tomatoes? That's a whole different ballgame altogether.

I dislike tomatoes. Seedy, slimy and sourish, I only take tomatoes when I'm too lazy to pick them out of sandwiches. However, these slow-roasted tomatoes are moreish and they bear a subtly charred and sweet flavour. We can safely say, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes are here to stay for good.

Recipe for crispy potatoes HERE and lemon aioli HERE

When it comes to starch, potatoes rank way behind rice and bread. Apart from Jagabee or fries from McD's, I often consider potatoes an insipid waste of space.

Yet this recipe plus the amazing dressing is a recipe after my potato-hating heart. I personally love this recipe. The potatoes keep their crisp and the garlicky-lemony aioli (fancy words for mayo) literally grabs you by the wherever-you-like to-be-grabbed.

Oh yeah, skin-on might be a problem with some of you but I do love the extra texture (sort of rhymes) that it brings to the table.

Recipe for esquites HERE

Yes, I love corn but I love them even more charred from the stovetop, instead of yanking out the grill. When I tasted the esquites, the dish felt like it was missing the X factor, and a steady dash cayenne pepper did the trick. But here I am, typing this out and I realised I forgot to include the cheese.

For our meaty main, KW made his now-famous lo' and slo' ribs. This time round, he used a St Louis cut, instead of the usual babyback. With a more equal distribution of fat and lean meat, I loved how much tender the ribs were after a four-hour workout in the Weber.

Friday, November 7

Toto from Pizzaria Operetta, Icon Village

Pizzaria Operetta is an example of how "sexy sells," especially in our F&B industry.

Certificates aside, the pizza is legit. More so than Pizzeria Mozza and Extra Virgin. Yet every time I visit (which is not very often I'll admit since I'm spoilt by homemade grilled pizza at home), the place is barely half-filled.

Maybe it's because it's not housed in some ex-hardware-shop shophouse or expat-grazing estate but in a sterile mixed development building. Or that there isn't a media-darling chef who could front the news pages. Whatever the reason may be, I hope they survive long enough to last past the rage of hipster cafes.

We had a light lunch that day and though I like my pizza less top heavy, I went along with KW's choice of Toto.

I loved most of the likeable ingredients that blanketed the puffy and chewy dough; the only thing that didn't work for me was the ricotta cheese that resulted in a wet finish.

Wednesday, November 5

Team Offsite Part 2 - Cookery Magic

Part 2 of our team offsite took place at Cookery Magic, a bohemian eclectic cooking school slash home along Fidelio Street. Under the watchful eyes of self-proclaimed Food Sorceress Ruqxana Vasanwala, we made bruschetta, pesto with handmade pasta and tiramisu. 

These dishes turned out to be super duper incredibly easy to make. I am just waiting to try them out for home parties one day. 

Fresh as a summer's sprinkle, bruschettas are the perfect starter for our ridiculous humid and hazy weather. 

Some might argue fresh pasta isn't always better but freshly made pasta is definitely 100x better than what you get from the supermarket. 

Oh tiramisu, how I love thee! We got to make a non-alcoholic version which was wonderful. Never ordering another tiramisu at a restaurant again.