Monday, December 5

Christmas at Gardens by the Bay

Last weekend, we spent a good part of our Sunday morning amidst a beautiful (and high-maintenance!) display of Christmas flowers and conifer trees, serendaded by Yuletide melodies.  It's hard to feel the festivities of a winter wonderland here in Singapore but for 20 mins, we had a taste of the chilly pine-scented Christmas.

Wednesday, November 30

Lately from our kitchen

Roasted Brussels sprouts with ricotta cheese, hazelnuts and cranberries

Wagyu MB4 steak with the in-laws (reunited and it feels so good)

Squid ink pasta infused with furikake and prawn stock  

Baked kecap manis chicken

Portobello mushrooms with rosemary & truffle

Salmon salad with roasted baby carrots, walnuts, and edamame

Wagyu MB4 steak with my uncle's family from Hong Kong

Maryland crab cakes

Brown sugar glazed ham

 Salred caramel apple galette

Monday, November 28

Ninja Cut, Seah Street

Crackling pork belly, pickled beetroot,
sauteed mushrooms, onsen egg, and miso cucumbers 

Char Siew Peekaboo 
Cha Shu Pork Roulade, edamame, asparagus, honey-glazed carrots,
pickled beetroot and with an Onsen egg

What's Your Beef?
Slow-roasted Australian ribeye slow, grilled corn,
sauteed mushrooms, honey-glazed carrots, furikake and an onsen egg

The Cheeky Cheese
24 hr braised Japanese curry beef cheek,
grilled cheese brioche sandwich 

Roasted Cauliflower

Meal in a bowl. Ang moh chai peng. It's not for everyone (read: hipster) but I thought the bowls are pretty good. Filling but not overtly so. The only thing I didn't like was their choice of soba, which tasted more like somen.

When you make a reservation through Chope, you get a complimentary slice of cake. I chose the tea cake, which was intensely aromatic and sweet.

Friday, November 25

Seconds at Kith, Marina Square

This time round with my folks and siblings.


Soup of the day - Celeriac soup with smoked salmon and spinach. Need to make a memo of how celerac tastes exactly like celery. Flinch.


Truffle Mushroom (Supersize Me) Sandwich. No nonsense, big on flavour.

Kith's Super salad this time round with smoked salmon 'cos me loves smoked salmon.

An awesome crab & avocada pizza with tomato salsa. Didn't think it would work but it did and I like being proven wrong on such accounts. 

Kith allows you to make half-and-half pizzas if you are feeling indecisive. Braised pork loin and smoked duck played partners this time round; the smoked duck is such a winner.

Although I did enjoy the rich bittersweetness of the matcha choclate cake, cakes are not a strong suit at Kith. Cookies, on the other hand, are a different story. That peanut butter cookie (like their chocolate cookies) was moreish.

Monday, November 21

Super Simple, Finally getting cosy

A couple of salads from Super Simple due to lunch meetings. Guess what, I think I found the best mash-up of stuff.

Slow-cooked salmon, ribeye steak, cheery tomatoes, sweet potatoes and fine beans

My favourite so far: Slow-cooked salmon, soba, zucchini, confit onions and broccoli, drizzled with the all-amazing parsley pesto

It was all about the parsley pesto. I could eat it by the bucketful!

Sunday, November 20

A fab cookie from FabCafe, ArtScience Museum

Behold the half-eaten cookie

FabCafe has an interesting story:
FabCafe Singapore brings together designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, architects, scientists, and makers of all kinds with a space to connect over great coffee and a stage to collaborate at the world-famous ArtScience Museum. A one-of-a-kind strategic partnership, ArtScience Museum and FabCafe Singapore work together with a common mission - to explore the intersection of art and science, and to illuminate creative and technological innovation for everyone.
Though we visited too early to experience any of that illuminating mission, their oatmeal rasin cookie was quite spectacular. I would go as far as to say, it's on par or better than your average bakery or cookie speciality stores. Crispy around the edges and soft at the core, packed with nibbly oatmeal, raisins and chocolate chip chunks, this is one cookie worth stopping by for.

Friday, November 18

Wheat, One Raffles Place

Ooo, I finally found a bowl I could get on board with. I have seen many people tuck into their kraft boxes with genuine enthusism, but the idea of soba sadly eluded me.

Surprisingly, the soba that had been dressed in a sesame-soy-yuzu sauce was savoury and refreshing at the same time. The salmon was wee bit overdone but nothing too detrimental. I must admit, the feel-good factor after having this meal was worth the $10 price point.