Monday, November 30

Friday, November 27

Nemuiro Hanamaru, Kitte Marunouchi Tokyo

One of the highlights of our trip was lunch at kaiten sushi restaurant Nemuiro Hanamaru at Kitte Marunouchi. We love kaiten sushi while in Japan. It is a great way to inhale truly gratifying sushi without incurring a bill that might leave you gasping for air.

The last time round we discovered Mydori Kaiten Sushi at Seibu Department Store (Building A) in Shibuya, and on this trip,  a quick Google search led us to Nemuiro Hanamaru at Kitte Marunouchi.

Located on level 5, Nemuiro Hanamaru opens their door to hungry hordes at 11:00am; while the elevators only kicks in at 11:00am, the escalator starts their humming operations at 10:52am. Yes, not 10:51am or 1053:am, but 10:52am - and we are walking Japanese watchmakers' precision.

The restaurant feels extremely festive and convivial, as sushi chefs yell out freshly prepared sushi in unison during service. But the main event was definitely the sushi. The fish were all incredibly refreshing and some were even buttery. Never thought I would describe fish as buttery but it was exactly that!

The restaurant is part of a chain from Sapporo, did you see the light bulb go off in my head? Sapporo 2016? Let's pray for it.

Thursday, November 26

Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu, Asakusa Tokyo

After spending time at arguably the most touristy part of our trip (so many selfie sticks at Senso-ji Temple!), we walked around the Asakusa area and found the neighbourhood to be absolutely charming. Of course, we also took the opportunity to suss out interesting options for lunch. I am not sure why Asakusa is a hot bed for restaurants specialising in tempura but it is great idea since I love my fried food.

Serendipitously, we came across a traditional-looking tempura restaurant that looked positively inviting. However, bearing in mind that we have had tempura at supposedly one of the most famous tempura restaurants around the same area, I kept my expectations in check.

I order the Ebi Don above that came with 7 honking prawns and some vegetables, while KW had the Ha Don, which came with anago, prawns and vegetables. They were sensational! Both bowls were heaving with such deep-fried goodness!

Though the tempura was doused with a special sauce that took away the crisp factor, the tempura didn't feel too soggy or greasy. A must try if you visit Asakusa! 

Wednesday, November 25

Quil Fait Bon, Sky Tree Town Solamachi Tokyo

The fruit tarts at Quil Fait Bon are arrestingly beautiful. It is almost impossible to walk past any outlet without doing a double take. The fruits sparkle like gems from Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery chest, and the best thing about these tarts is they are affordable luxuries in life.

Exclusive to the Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi outlet, the chestnut and Uji matcha classic chocolate tart was divine! The bitter richness of matcha and sweet diced chestnuts brought out the best in autumn. Even KW, who is not a matcha fan, thought this was really good.

Made with apples "Shinano gold" from the Nagano Prefecture, the crisp apples slices, cream cheese and shortcrust pastry more than made up for the apple pie fail the day before. Superb!

Tuesday, November 24

Sushi Zanmai, Roppongi Tokyo

After two days of junk food and bentos, we really looked forward to some sushi. With two kids, we opted for a more casual option while visiting Roppongi - Sushi Zanmai. Sushi Zanmai is a popular 24-hour sushi chain‏ and we were lucky to score some seats before the descent of the salarymen - they must have found us quite an unusual sight.

Also, we found out sushi restaurants are the best way to feed our kids while maintaining our sanity. Though this was no Michelin restaurant, we were readily satiated and happy, ready for any ninja curveballs from the kiddos. 

Monday, November 23

Matsunosuke NY, Daikanyama Tokyo

I really wanted to like this cafe but alas, things turned out differently. Located inside the Daikanyama Hillside Terrace complex, this Matsunosuke NY specialises in apple pies and pancakes; the creator even has a few recipe books under her belt.

Yet despite their cherished origins, their signature apple pie was just not very good. The wait staff informed us it would take 10 minutes to prepare the apple pie, but when it arrived, it was hardly even warm, and the apple slices within tasted like baby food apple moosh. Their New York cheesecake was at least decent but nothing to shout about as well.

Cute story - check

Cosy atmosphere - check

Delicious desserts - uncheck

Friday, November 20

Croissant Taiyaki クロワッサンたい焼 , Tokyo

As much as we love taiyakis, it can be a bit of a downer when it ends up being a doughy filler. Thus imagine our delight when we came across this Croissant Taiyaki at Ikspirari. Stuffed with toothsome red bean, a brown sugar-crusted puff pastry ensures caramelised contentment with every bite. 

Move over, cronuts. You have nothing on this.