Thursday, December 31

Au Revoir 2020

Oh 2020, you got us good this year! But thank you for teaching us to appreciate those we surround ourselves with 💛😊

Monday, December 28

The Rest of December

DIY Christmas cookie decorting on Christmas Day

Three rounds of luge (surprisingly exhausting), 
followed by a light dinner at Bob's Bar, Capella Hotel.

The boys read their annual Christmas cards from KW and I

Wednesday, December 16

Xmas 2020

Oh Christmas, do I need another reason to do up the house?  I think being homebound and spending too much time on Pinterest also made me go ape-shit over doing up the place. I even did up a simple installation after getting much inspiration from Pinterest. FYI I think getting my creative juices flowing is probably one of the best form of self-care this year. #loveyourself

This is the second year we didn’t do our annual Xmas shebang, but we still ate very well! This year’s menu featured Wagyu MB5 OP Rib, brown butter pappardelle & a cheese platter with FRESH HONEYCOMB 🐝🧀(assisted by my Xmas elf Russell). We naturally had too much dessert and champagne too. Good times!

 Merry Christmas, folks 🎄⛄️🥂 hope everyone is spending time with your loved ones!




Friday, December 4

Staycation at Shangri-La

Deck the halls with boughs of holly.. Shangri-la, la la la la! Bad joke, I know. Humour me. It's 2020.
As the reality of not being able to travel set in, we booked ourselves a staycation at Shangri-La Hotel (Orchard). As you may know, Shangri-La is perhaps our favourite hotel in Singapore. We have a soft spot for it, since we got married here and had our first staycation here a couple of years back too. It does help that it's incredibly kid-friendly too so we made a booking without any reservations.

Excited faces 
Fancy toiletries. The beds were amaze-silky-balls!

This time round, we returned to the Valley Wing (ahhh...), 
which we stayed at during our wedding nearly 10 years ago.
Beautiful room with plenty of space for the boys to rum amok



There much to do at Shangri-La. The boys played at Buds and Splash Zone, and we swam everyday, which really helped Lucas build his water confidence.

We swam, we played, we piped some cookies!

Well at least the boys did =)

I don't think we were ever hungry during our stay.

Breakast took place at the Valley Wing Summit Room, and was incredibly bougie affair. We had main courses like confit eggs and caviar, and foie gras omelette - but guess what, I thought the nasi lemak was amazing!

Thanks to Fullerton, our boys were really looking forward to high tea. While we didn't get the 3-tier treatment, we discovered we are a family of scone-lovers. Yay!
While the boys were at Buds, KW and I enjoyed some champagne and quiet time. Peace out. 

And of course, we had the boys' favourite - Room service!

More happy faces