Monday, October 19

Kaunta Singapore, Onze @ Tanjong Pagar

9 years! Can you believe we've been married for almost a decade? Crazy times! Crazy but good times 😁 We had a quick anniversary lunch at Kaunta (quick, not because of our kids but the insane meetings WFH has brought about) and times like these do make us grateful that there are still moments worth celebrating. 

We went with the Omakase Aoi set, which comes with 8 sushi pieces, appetizer, hot dish, miso soup and dessert. A key differentiator here is Kaunta ages their fish, which results in deeper flavours. I also really loved their hotate, which had been lightly dipped in sake. We had space for another piece of sushi and the chef prepared aburi engawa, which never fails to deliver. 

While we loved the sushi sizes here, the chef is a little heavy-handed with wasabi and I requested for less after a couple of pieces. Honestly, I can't nitpick much but it does lack a wow factor and the service was a little rough around the edges. There are still plenty more places to hit up for omakase and if I do ever find myself in the mood for value-for-money omakase, I would hit up Miraku again. 

To many more years with this one xoxo

Monday, September 28


The best thing about September - GOING ON BLOCK COMPLIANCE LEAVE. 
Whoop whoop!

After bidding work adieu, I kicked back my vacation with this baby - a crazy delicious almon croissant from The Providore. Highly recomended. Both of them - vacation and buttery croissants.

I wanted to keep things relaxing but I decided to hunt for my 10th wedding anniversary gift. HAHA! Yes, I am celebrating my 9th anniversary in 3 weeks' time and already looking for my 10th gift.
All in the name of R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H! Amen. 
It was productive - that's all I'm sayin'.

Baked a very easy yummy banana bread - I always add Lindt chocolate. Yummeh.

Never knew this country exisited - thanks Phisher for teaching me somethig new.

This was surprisingly good. Never a Paris Hilton fan - but I love how she's found her niche and purpose to keep going.

Lots and lots of time spent at the club

Celeebrated my dad's birthday with Beauty in a Pot steamboat. Love x

More pastries from Keong Saik Bakery!

Met awesome ex-colleagues at Wine RVLT

Great place. Awesome food. Horrible accoustics.

Wish that Tatcha product was for me, but it was for Lucas' teachers for Teacher's Day

Also got these fudgy brownies for the Teacher's luncheon

Russell and I played alot of ping pong

We watched Batman Lego for the gazillionth time

 Love me more candles

Kale carbonara - very glad the boys love kale

We had our parents over for dinners - back in the game, yo!

Celebrated KW's birthday early with my in-laws

This Wagyu OP Rib was absolute bomb!

Uni pasta and the man asked for bread & buetter pudding x