Monday, July 25

Birthday Dinner Weekend

When I asked KW how his weekend was, he replied, "short." Well, I felt kind of guilty since he spent 1/4 of his weekend slogging out in the kitchen while I lay on the couch, relaxing like the baby in THIS video.

Unlike last year's big do with the double-tier pink-ombre cake and all, I had a small celebration over the weekend. My birthday is technically tomorrow but over the weekend, we had our folks come by for dinner. I got to eat all of my favourite food - and I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER TO COOK IT! Though I did help shop for groceries, KW single-handedly prepared the entire meal. You see, my love language is 'Acts of Service," so it meant alot to me that someone was willing to slog it out just to make this occasion super memorable.

A few perk-us-up pretties

Love the tiny shrubs

Ok, enough with the mush. Bring on the nosh!

Caesar Salad

Poached eggs, punchy Caesar dressing and buttery croutons all made from scratch. Though we didn't grow the Romaines ourselves, this was sublime. It is going to be hard to go back to the store-bought or restaurant standards. Dang!

Maryland Crab Cakes

I have a mild obsession with crab cakes but they are such pricey pucks when you dine out. I wipped out two of these not-so-tiny babies within minutes. Ridiculously good! KW also made tartar sauce from scratch too - crazy guy. 


Oven Roasted Salmon

Salmon is one of my favourite fish so naturally it made sense to bestow this fatty fish some showtime. Simple but satisfying. If you only ever had dry overdone salmon, I would offer to make this for you (though technically it would have to be KW making it). 

Grilled Beef Shortribs

Smoke ring accomplished, enough said.

Black Amedei Chocolate Cake from Dolcetto at The Regent Hotel

Deep dark decadence was what I was going for and this cake hit the sweet spot. Bittersweet chocolate sponge, layered with dark chocolate mousse, wrapped in Amedei dark chocolate ganache. There was a teaching layer of crisp and crunch at the base that I wished there was more of!

Check out Lucas - AttiDUDE!

Man, the drama behind this photo. The past couple of weeks have been pretty humbling. Sometimes you feel like you are at the top of you world, you got your A game on, and other times, you feel like a complete failure at parenting. It's tough when you compare yourself to others and doubt yourself, but it helps to remember you are watching someone's highlight reel on Facebook, Instagram etc. I am still grateful for what I have so far - yes, even with a toddler-teenager under our roof.

Friday, July 22

Flying Pig from Fat Saigon Boy (Telok Ayer St)

Now I rarely get excited over sandwiches. Literally as rare as seeing a Flying Pig. I do enjoy a good sandwich every now and then, but most times, they are reserved for last-minute-sad-meeting-lunch-fill-ins. So yeah, sandwiches are not something I rave about. 

But that is exactly what the Flying Pig sandwich from Fat Saigon Boy made me do! The hunkersarus sandwich left me raving about to my friends throughout the day.

The freshness of pickled vegetables and cilantro, alongside flavorbomb spicy pulled pork, stuffed within a soft but crisp baguette. On top of that, it is pretty darn filling. Look at the size of that badass... Can't wait to get my hands on this again.

Wednesday, July 20

PS Cafe, please wake up

Whoa PS Cafe, you guys seriously need to up your cake game. The cakes over the past few visits have been pretty disappointing - and this coming from someone who used to LOVE coming here for desserts and even made a list of all the things she has tried. The Southern Chocolate Pecan Pie was duly indulgent but the Flourless Orange Cake was a chunk of dry blah. Don't go near it, my friends.

Monday, July 18

Dulcet Studio, Paragon

After family lunch at Tampopo, we made our way to Calamansi at Paragon. Instead of their healthy wholesome juices, we ordered a few desserts to share. 

The chocolate raspberry roll was surprisingly delightful. The tanginess of raspberries cut through the rich decadence of chocolate sufficiently, without clamouring for more attention. 

We had a couple of eclairs, the Vanilla and Venezuela. I should just admit I am not into eclairs. I can appreciate the work gone into making them but taste-wise, they were quite middling. 

The Mont Blanc is a favourite among the family. They have a full-sized version which makes me wonder if I should get it for my birthday... Hmm!

If you are a matcha fied, you should't miss out on the  Matcha Cream Puff. Available for a selected period only, the Matcha Cream Puff was simply delectable! Though hardly photogenic compared to the other fruit-crowned cakes, a thinnish choux pastry breaks open to reveal an intense rich and unapologetically oozy matcha pastry cream. We should have definitely ordered more than one. 

Wednesday, July 13

Russell's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Russell's birthday with a small 'do with our family and friends.
Post-Nara, the Firstborn wholeheartedly embraced the idea of a deer-themed affair, which I was more than happy to oblige. I recently discovered the joys of Carousell and ordered some decorations from there; a dramatic green showpiece took center stage and we were ready to go.

Clowning around with a new app before the party

 Mexican Caesar Salad

Bulgogi Beef Nachos + Salsa

Bulgogi Beef Nachos - Up close and personal 

Clams Carbonara

Sausages - Bangers, Chorizo, Cheddar Links

Grilled Sweet Barbecue Chicken -
So good, thanks to Cold Storage! 

More cheesing around... 

A successful family photo in under 3 takes

A scrumptious Strawberry Hill from Patisserie Glace fulfilled his clearly-inherited love for strawberry cakes

Hello deer!

What made this occasion extra memorable was the fact that Russell actually enjoyed his birthday party. Our friends will never forget how he burst into frightened tears when we sang 'Happy Birthday' at his first birthday, so they were all surprised by how chatty and energetic he was this entire time.  Good times indeed. 

Monday, July 11

Oriole Cafe, 313 Somerset

Oriole Cafe at 313 Somerset is probably one of our favourite cafes. The vibe is relaxing and unique without the feel of a mall haunt. The food is pretty good and arguably reasonably priced for a Orchard Road cafe. The fish tacos and Cubano are right up there, but this time round, we tried different dishes. 

Without a doubt, one of the better Caesar Salads out there. I might have preferred a heavier crackling of black pepper but other than that, it was pretty much perfect. 

Yup, and this happened. Country fried steak, or more commonly known as Chicken Fried Steak. A slab of sirloin deep-fried, served on a heap of garlic roasted mashed potatoes, bacon, sunny side-up egg and truffle béchamel sauce. Hearty heavy stuff. Schedule a nap after this. 

Creamy and comforting, the Pukka pie is a not-so-humble chicken pie. Size makes for a good adult snack or kid's main dish. We ordered this for the kids but adults had fun with it too. 

Sunday, July 10

Russell, 4 years old

Or as you would say, "48 months old, Mama!"

Yes, dear Russell, thank you for reminding Mama.

At 48 months old, you are my little man. You had to grow up almost overnight when your little brother came along. When Papa travels for work, you know that you are the de facto man of the house. You were an extremely introverted child and you have since grown out of your shell, much to our astonishment. You have acquired a taste for positional authority with your younger brother, but don't forget, he is here to make you feel less lonely when Mama and Papa are no longer around.

Your love for numbers is awe-inspiring, but I worry, the praise and fawning has made you unreceptive to trying new things for fear of "failure." You are quick at navigating the world, knowing whose buttons to press and when, but you struggle to navigate within yourself. I will constantly remind myself to be gentle with you, and even more so because you have such a forceful yet sensitive nature.

Love, your Mama