Tuesday, December 10

8 awesome things about our trip - Part 2

Napa is always a good idea
While Napa Valley is not the most kid-friendly of places, we still managed to have a good time. From the cable cars of Stirling Vineyards to community playgrounds, the kids played while the adults sipped and sampled. While I thought Santa Train was a tourist trap, the kids gave it 5/5. Napa, always.

Eating so well - from the famous to the downright authentic
We kept things really simple this trip but that didn't mean we ate poorly. Not at all.

Saturday, December 7

8 awesome things about our trip - Part 1

Thanksgiving Dinner
My first Thanksgiving ever. Bring on the turkey! Haha... We have a lovely dinner in with turkey, roasted cauliflower pasta and quinoa salad (each household was in charge of one dish). Desserts-wise, I made a ridiculously easy pear and mixed berries crumble, based off the is recipe. I would skip the whites chocolate though - the dessert is sweet as it is and the white chocolate seemed a little superfluous. 

Awesome play spots at San Francisco
We made a couple of day trips to San Francisco and our favourite spots were surely California Academy of Sciences and Joe DiMaggio Playground. We didn’t even go to Ferry Building this time round…. AHH, sacrileges I know. We did however uphold our family tradition at Ghiredelli Factory.

Ghiredelli Factory, San Francisco
Since our dating days, KW and I have been making pilgrimages to Ghiredelli Factory whenever we are in town. Though it is incredibly touristy, their sundaes remain one of the best out - indulgent, creamy but not sickeningly sweet. Russell had his first taste of ice cream there as a toddler so this place hold special memories for us. Chocolate sundae plus extra chocolate chip cookie chunks - yes please.

Campbell Farmers’ Market
While it’s not the most famous, it’s surely one of the most comprehensive. We visit the Saturday markets whenever we are in town.