Friday, September 26

PS Cafe, Palais Renaissance

Marmalde Pantry half-filled for Sunday Brunch?

Sacre Bleu! How could that have happened?

Two letters, my friend, P S.

After PS Cafe landed on level two of Palais Renaissance like that uninvited space ship in Independence Day, the crowds floated from basement to level 2, as if they had called back by their Mother Ship.

At least that's what I observed on one Sunday. I took my friend Emma from Sweden to PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance and Alex, who had just returned from his scuba-diving trip, joined us for dinner desserts.


Sticky lemon and chewy florentine cake, served with vanilla ice cream, played Dessert Good Cop Bad Cop. A dense pound cake deeply satiated with lemon flavour, topped with Florentine biscuits; The lemoness first shakes you up, then leaves it to the Florentine biscuit and vanilla ice cream to nurse the shock. I did remember this to be alot stick-er though ... That being said, citrus is my new 'chocolate'.


Chocolate crunch doorstop cake is somewhat inappropriately named as the richness of the cake smacks one right in the face like an unsuspecting swinging door. It is nearly impossible to down a mouthful of fudgy chocolate brownie, decadent chocolate mousse and malteases without pleading for a glass of water.

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor: You can never be too rich... I really enjoyed the cocoa extravagance but this is solely for the chocolate-deprived only.


The giant coffee eclair marked mankind's morbid fascination with size. Close to a foot long, the choux pastry was toffee-drizzled, chocolate-coated and crammed with coffee cream. It was an obsence display of indulgence and excess - depending on whether you follow the food crisis discussion. I gave up 2/3s into the dessert, at the point where my vanilla ice cream ran out.


I just wonder how many people have polished off this dessert on their own and didn't need to be carried out on a stretcher? Or rather, how many human beings does it take to finish this dessert?

Alex - No key lime pie but just as happy

Emma the Sweet Swede

This pretty much sums up our nutritionally-questionable dinner. To top it off, the two of them paired dessert with a little tippling - Alex had the Seifried Pinot Gris while Emma opted for the cariole red wine (call me a wino-wuss but I had PS Digestive Tea).You can imagine how thrilled I am to find BEINGS who can just dive straight into dessert for dinner.

Alrighty, time to head back to our space ship. Gaw, this Human disguise is just suffocating...

TA-DAH! I made a list of cakes which I have tried from various PS Cafe.

PS Dial 'D' for Dessert

Banana Cream Pie
Carrot Cake
Florida Key Lime Pie
Pecan Nut Chocolate Fudge Pie
Double Chocolate Cake
Cheddar Crust Apple Pie
Sticky Date Pudding


ice said...

You had me at that eclair.

I think it will just take one me to finish that...

Chubbypanda said...

My teeth hurt. I want some.

yixiaooo said...

hey ice, i await your impeding victory... chubbypanda, it's worth the toothache! haha

ice said... it really one foot long? That's awesomeliciously 30cm! Think I can't haha.

ice said...
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ice said...

sorry double post. stupid blogger.

yixiaooo said...

errr i didn't have my trusty ruler with me but it's CLOSE to 30cm... =)

ladyironchef said...

wow, this is the how many visit to ps cafe already? lost count