Wednesday, September 10

PS Cafe, Harding Road

A couple of weeks back, we hosted Yang's friend Alex from London when he visited Singapore. Alex, being extremely well-traveled, speaks 6 languages... It's really quite embarrassing when you realise that he has probably been to more Asian countries for the rest of us and I'm not referring to shopping havens Hong Kong, Bangkok but India, Vietnam, Laos...

Hides personal stash of Dettol wet wipes


And 6 languages?! I thought people like him only existed in James-Bondish-conspiracy-theory movies?! Under such circumstances, of course we did what anyone besotted with the French language would do...

Repeat after me: Eves Saint La-horrr, Chris-tian Loo-bow-tan and So-cien-tee Gen-ne-rrr.

Alas the correct French pronunciations to Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin and Societe Generale.

After lunch, we took Alex to PS Cafe at Dempsey to show him that Singapore wasn't just shopping malls and food. Although Alex was stuffed from lunch, the minute he laid eyes on dessert, he announced, "I'm hungry again!"

Thereby we solemnly declare him fit for Singapore citizenship.


Our guest chose the Banana Cream Pie. You know on hindsight, the whipped cream top reminds me of a snow-capped mountain with tree logs and why are the trees bald? Blame it on the global warming.


Once you find your way around that mouthful of whipped cream, you would discover a digestive base slathered with toffee and sliced bananas. Even someone like myself who usually likes the banana fruit but not banana-infused items thought that this was quite a delicious throw-together.


Like an A-list Hollywood actress, the Florida Key Lime Pie was a slender head-turning slice.

"Did she have work done? ... No err... Oh come on, check out that shade of green! I know a doctor who could that..."

Food colouring aside, the zesty gelatinous filling possessed such tanginess that waved off any heaviness we had from lunch and the digestive crust was a befitting companion. Alex and Yang loved this dessert, they declared it better than any dessert they had in England.

Naturally I wanted chocolate ... but something other their Double Chocolate Cake which I've tried or the brownie which is always only a last resort. I had a good feeling about the Pecan Nut Chocolate Fudge Pie, not because I'm ooo-ooo-brilliant psychic but because I had it during dinner the night before.

Yeap, this is my second visit to PS Cafe in 2 days. No I'm not out of my mind... I'm just running out of ideas.


After scoring a touchdown with this on my first try, I suggested we order it again. The pie wasn't just topped with whole pecan nuts for visual effect but generously filled with chopped pecan nuts. Refusing to be overshadowed, the chocolate fudge was unforgivably rich; as if that wasn't enough, it was held together by a buttery shortbread biscuit crust.

Just in case you are still totally clueless about the richness of this pie, the picture below may enlighten you.



Edward picked out the Carrot Cake. If you like Cedele's fluffy-as-a-clear-cloud version, you best stay clear of this dense rain-soaked cloud; on the other hand, if you believe in universal love for all carrot cakes, this cake could use some lovin'.


Each of us got a pot of tea. Cake. Tea. Drizzly weather ... We were so channeling 'English'. The only thing missing was our Herringbone Tweed jackets.

I nursed my cold with a Old Ginger Root tea, which had chunks of old ginger root stuffed in a French Press. A little jarring but amusing... Well, at least I knew I was getting the real deal.


I have mixed feelings about their hot food but PS Cafe's desserts definitely rank oh-quite-so-highly in my books. Too bad PS Cafe could only spare us an hour as they had to close for dinner preparations, but we had a great time nonetheless.


LiquidShaDow said...

Hi yixiao,

Just a matter of off topic curiosity, with my french being uber rusty and all. I had the impression that Laurent would sound more like "la-hornt" than "La-horrr".

alicia said...

This post reminds me that I have not eaten the keylime pie and banofee from PS Cafe in a few years. Time to make a re-acquaintance. :P

yixiaooo said...

liquidshawdow, hmmm maybe...

alicia, "in a few years"?! it's definitely time to visit them again. try their other desserts too! i know i will soon =p

ladyironchef said...

gosh, u went to ps cafe again!! how much's for a piece of that tempting dessert?

yixiaooo said...

hey brad, it's about $12.90... Desserts at PS Cafe are about that price. And can you believe I'm heading there again soon?! HAHA...

ladyironchef said...

omg. you are going for the third time again?!? but both times u only had their desserts right?

oi! why u never ask me go? haha

yixiaooo said...

i've been to ps cafe more than three times.. i have also done brunch and dinner there before.

because you are too busy with i-don't-know-what. haha