Tuesday, August 5

PS Cafe, Paragon

I have never met a cake that made me breathless.

Took away by breath at first sight, yes. But never have I had to take a breather while eating it.

Till I met PS Cafe's Double Fudge Chocolate Cake.


Sorry folks, you have to take this lying down.

The massive slab couldn't stand on its own for crying out loud! I don't normally fancy sponge cakes unless the 'sponge' aspect served a purpose of say, soaking in chocolate syrup? Awesome Strike #1.

As if the chocolate wasn't already an overkill, it was accompanied by you-make-me-very-very-happy vanilla ice cream. Awesome Strike #2.


You know what was funny. We found the service unsuspectingly good. Maybe it's because it was a weeknight and the cafe was only half-filled. That being said, the waiters dutifully topped up our water cups and -pause- smiled at us throughout service.

Good service at these chicer-than-your-crocs cafes?

I could get used to this .

Awesome Strike #3.


ladyironchef said...

lol! u went to ps cafe and only got a piece of cake? hm, should have go to their new branch at palais renaissance, i passed by that one before, think the ambience there a lot better than paragon. haha

yixiaooo said...

i haven't been there yet but i tried their chocolate/ coffee eclairs.... WHOA