Sunday, August 4

Jewel Cafe and Bar, Rangoon Road

A short visit to Jewel Bar & Cafe (129 Rangoon Road) made me realise I really am a coffee plebe. Nescafe instant coffee or kopi tarik is good enough for me - to be honest, it's what I prefer. 

But if you, with your Warby Parkers and Pointer footwear, would absolutely collapse at the thought of 3-in-1 coffee sachets, you might like Jewel Cafe & Bar. Oh yes... With its impressive coffee-making set-up and accessories, I'm pretty sure Jewel would be your cup of er, coffee. 

Love the metallic ceiling panels though...


Anonymous said...

But that's horrid coffee art! Pfttt.

yixiao said...

Coffee wasn't that great either heh