Monday, August 5

Group Therapy Coffee, a revisit

Much ink and drool has been spilt over Group Therapy cafe and I, myself, first fell for their charms a year ago (sacre bleu!). To cut the long story short, the food was good. Very good. 

I am glad Group Therapy is not one of those cafes that hard sells ambience and expects people to pay ridiculous prices for seriously substandard food.  

My dad, being all health conscious, ordered the handsomely stuffed multigrain smoked salmon and avocado sandwich. I didn't hear a bleep of criticism from him. I guess he was actually pretty pleased with his sandwich, which says alot coming from a guy who will remember overpaying for a bowl of noodles for the next ten years. 

I don't think much about egg benedicts, the poster child of the brunch movement. But this was different - a Sealy-approved thick white toast topped with generous slices of smoked salmon and a poached egg smothered under a blanket of tangier-than-usual hollandaise sauce. 

I saw a table of two friends, both ordering the poached egg dish. They probably didn't want to ruin their friendship by sharing - it is THAT good, I guess. And who gets to prick the yolk? Ooo, sensitive... 

If eggs are not -pfff- macho enough for you, the steak and cheese pie was a hunky dork brick of chunky cheesy beef encased in a buttery thinnish pie crust. 

It is pretty rich stuff and caring is sharing. Awesome. 

By the way, I love how all mains are accompanied by a sesame-dressing-dressed salad and extremely addictive chips. 

Thick cut ham & gyuere cheese. Sunny side up. OMG, hands-down a winner in my books. The croque madame is seriously one lady you wouldn't mind waking up to everyday - though she will ensure she outlives you.  

If you are into the runny yolk porn sorta thing... 

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