Wednesday, May 1

Tsujiri, 100AM

I wasn't the kid who loved ice cream. To me, it was a nice to have but I didn't miss it or kick up a fuss if I couldn't have one. These days, though, it is a different story altogether; given the disturbingly humid weather, my Mini Magnum stash was prematurely depleted when it became part of my daily routine.

It's a matter of life and death, I tell you. Life to me, death to whoever deprives me of an ice cream.

After lunch at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House, common sense led us to Tsujiri (100 Tras Street #01-14B 100AM) for desserts.


The green ice ice cream sundaes at Tsujiri are incredible! Yes, I am usually biased towards all things Japanese but let's be honest, Japanese desserts are often overly sweet or one-dimensional.

In this case though, the green tea soft serve was exceptionally creamy and smooth for both sundaes, an awesome contrast against ungrounded (another looove) red bean.

The Tsujiri Parfait comes with green tea soft serve, chocolate biscuit rolls, conflakes; while the Shiratama Parfait below comes with chewy mochi balls and a dusting of kinako (roasted soybean flour). 

Both were bloody awesome but I want to try the Chiffon Cake Parfait next. 

Need to find someone to share with. Just found out the Mister isn't a fan of green tea desserts. Must get over shock. 


muchadoabouteating said...

Don't ever try the chiffon n roll cakes! Super disappointing. Stick to the awesome green tea soft serve :) :)

yixiao said...

Aye aye 👌

adel said...

love their thick and creamy intense green tea offerings here! yay!

Dumpling Love said...

I was also shocked when I read your husband not a fan of matcha desserts! haha. Been craving matcha soft serve for who knows how long ><!

yixiao said...

more for the rest of us =p

Zee Wong said...

i agree - the sundaes are ridiculously yummy. Green tea flavor rivalled only by Haagen Daaz, which is quite saying something :-)

and also agree with muchadoabouteating above - the chiffon roll cake was yuck.

Zee Wong said...

oh, and you can share with me!

... or, we can each get our own cup. :D


Anonymous said...

Went there today and tried their Anmitsiu Parfait with green tea ice cream & Shiratama Parfait very creamy and yummy indeed.
Service was excellent and would be worth going back in my opinion. Was served by this young gentlemen who patiently explained every little detail in the deserts as my husband and I couldn't' make up our minds on what was good.

Michelle said...

omg me me! *waves hands frantically* i loooooooove matcha and thats really an understatement. lol. can't wait to pay them a visit!