Friday, August 2

New Ubin Seafood, Sin Ming Road

I'm on a tze char roll these days but its not a birthday meal till there is a beefy sacrifice on the table. Morbid. Choosing chomp-chomp over chi-chi, I'm glad my in-laws were game enough to try out New Ubin Seafood, Sin Ming Road ( #01-174, Sector A Sin Ming Industrial Estate, 27 Sin Ming Road) for my birthday meal. 

We did lunch and the eatery was about a third full. Interestingly, the eatery may be a popular place for 10-people-per-table family gatherings, but there were also small tables of two to three people hell bent on getting their tze-char fix. 

And just about every table ordered their signature US ribeye steak. 

Big on show, the beef was a gorgeous shade of pink for our medium-rare order. Trimmed of fat, it was, however, rather lean - perhaps, a little too lean for my liking. There is a reason why one would choose a slab of ribeye over the tenderloin any day. I need some fat in muh ribeye. 

Thankfully the fat was put to good use. The beef fried rice was easily the best dish of the entire meal. Sweetish yet savory with a whiff of smokiness, it tasted every bit like the charred remnants of a claypot rice. Truly a massive pile of delicious! Move over, pork fat - you have had your time in the spotlight.  


The braised tofu dish was likeable but these days, I find the only reason why I would order a tofu dish is because the bub is with us. 

The butter fried prawns were a mistake. The clunky batter did nothing for the prawns - and I'm a self-proclaimed  batter lover. However, I promise you, we have learn our lesson and will order either the salted egg or cereal prawns next. 

The soon hock steamed Hong Kong style was our comeback from the prawn misstep. A drizzle of light sauce and few strands of spring onion gave the abundant fresh chunks a heady, saliva-duct triggering aroma. Magnificent!


Bern said...

am surprised it took u this long to try this out...u live so near! oh yes, the rice is quite awesome. *drools*

Janalin said...

hey always a drooler your blog. How much was your soon hock? Russell's real lucky to have you as his mom.

yixiao said...

Bern, I know! Considering how near I live...

Janalin, thank you for your kind comments. The soon hock was around $46 for 800g.