Tuesday, August 6

The Providore, Mandarin Gallery

Today (the day before our epic trip), I took it slow and easy by meeting up my cousin for brunch - and a good laugh - at The Providore (http://www.theprovidore.com), Mandarin Gallery. 

You might be thinking, hey that looks familiar... Well that's because, the management at The Providore was from Jones the Grocer. Ahhh *Insert the all-knowing glance* 

Service was really good for a new establishment. Our waiter bothered to solicitate feedback though I almost laughed out loud when he asked if the portions were too big. 

Well, maybe for a blogshop model... 

Granted it was tasty and all, portions were quite pitiful. I could totally hug my cousin for suggesting we head to Sushi Tei after the meal for something more substantial. 

Not before we oohed and aahed over teapots from Zero Japan. 

Dear brunch zealot, you can have my seat. I'm done paying for overpriced eggs. 


Bern said...

how is THT too big a portion?!? i'd have ordered 2 of those!

yixiao said...

I assure you we thought the same way.