Friday, May 25

Staycation at Shangri-La Hotel - Part 1

Over the weekend, we celebrated our third year anniversary with a staycation at Shangri La. Third year? Don't worry, you weren't stuck in some time warp - we did get married last Octobr and last weekend, we celebrated our third year dating anniversary.

Do you still celebrate your dating anniversary even when you are married? To me, this occasion feels a tad more special. The wedding was a beautiful affair planned right down to the tee so that there would be minimal surprises and not forgetting it was an occasion shared by a few hundred people; the courtship, on the other hand, was a journey that only the two of us experienced together.

Our wedding banquet at Shangri La entitled us to a night's stay at the Horizon Club Premier Room and we redeemed it early as who knows how busy or in the mood we will be when the bub arrives.

A majestic flower arrangement out in the lobby. 

The Horizon Club ain't no Valley Wing but it was still amazing. 
Yes, all "72 sqm / 775" of it.

A little dated but unquestionably comfortable. 

Unblocked view from the 21st floor - you could even see Reflections by the Bay from our room. Anyone has SGD$3million dollars to spare?

Loccitane toiletries that smelt ahh-mazing. 

Something sweet from the hotel. 

Till death by chocolate do us part. 

Nah, we were too full to finish everything.

Repeat after me: life is good...  and pass me the remote.

32 weeks - it's getting crazy in there. Bub, you do realise who's in charge when you get out right?

Checked out the daily cocktail session at Horizon Club lounge. No alcohol for me, just a Mango Surprise that I chugged down in minutes.

There were some sweet and savory nibbles but not wanting to kill my appetite before dinner at Nadaman, I tried the tikka paneer, fried chicken and a Mexican quiche (??? but tasty).

Will update more soon!


Bern said...

You aren't alone in still celebrating your "dating anniversary" after marriage! We do it too over at The Hungry Bunny. So we've got our wedding anniversary in December, and our got-together-with-our-first-kiss anniversary in June. That way, we get presents every 6 months! :)

yixiao said...

That's majorly sweet... Presents every 6 months sounds like the antidote to a long and happy marriage :)

tomi said...

The chocolate cake just looks so yummy.

And I love L'Occitane (but not the price tag) - bought the shampoo & condition travel set to use at the hospital as a treat ;)

vvn said...

am jealous! you ate so much in the past 6 months and your bump is still so small...

yixiao said...

it's the post-pregnancy baggage i'm worried about =(