Wednesday, May 23

Before the staycation - bread and Bedrock

Last weekend was one of those awesome weekends still fresh in my memory despite it being the midweek. It was Staycation Weekend at Shangri La but before that breakfast at our regular Sin Ming haunt.

Toasted kaya baguette - little wonder I left my granola bar in the car.

Eggy, pickled-radish-riddled black carrot cake. Crossing my fingers and swollen ankles that the bub prefers black over white carrot cake in the future.

Initially we did plan to have room service for lunch but we went over to Bedrock as I had an uncharacteristic craving for meat. Bedrock offers a 2 or 3-course lunch set ( which I thought was a real budget bonus.

The starter was a soup of the day which turned out to be a bowl of nibl-bly, heady mushroom soup with a sizable dollop of cream. I don't usually get excited over mushroom soup (something to do with overdosing on Campbell soup during my childhood years) but kw mopped it up.

Grilled Ribeye for my main course as I was pretty much blinded to the other options. Having knawed through the Tomahawk, this thinnish slab was admittedly not exactly the belle of the ball - or the beefcake of the block. However, it was satisfying and on such a ridiculously warm day and I was more than happy to keep the meat-sweats at bay. Also enjoyed the accompanying Diane sauce which had caramelized onions.

Of course, I picked Mac & cheese for my side. I l-o-v-e you, so please forgive me for not naming my first born after you.

I kind of zoned out when our server told us the dessert of the day was semifreddo as it just seems like the less pretty satisfying cousin of the ice cream. But I snapped back into action as this semifreddo was dee-light-full! Creamy, generously studded with dried fruit and nuts with a tangy raspberry drizzle.

And of course, you can always count on Bedrock to provide warmer-than-freshly-baked-bread service.

Off to Shang, we go!


tomi said...

Just wanted to say love your sandals, and that photo of the semifroddo.

yixiao said...

thank you, tomi!