Saturday, May 26

Staycation at Shangri-La Hotel - Part 2

On top of a complimentary night's stay, we also received some dining credit from the hotel. Granted our dining credit could have gone further at either Shang Palace or The Line, we had dinner at Nadaman as my dad joined us for dinner (the rest of the coop were in Shanghai) and he was in the mood for Japanese. 

P.S. the food is good but go only if you have dining credit, someone is treating or you are on corporate account.

Among the many other things we ordered, kw and dad shared a sashimi platter. I didn't have any (8 more weeks, hang in there!) but there were no complaints from that department SO I'm pretty sure it was as good as the other dishes.

The best thing we took away from the Horizon Club Lounge was advice from one of their staff to try the lamb teppanyaki at Nadaman. The lamb, done medium, was gloriously gamy and incredibly tender.

Next day, breakfast was either the international buffet at The Line or Continental line-up at BLU Restaurant. Naturally, we went to The Line because we need breakfast for Man vs. Food champions and not Tour De France Winners. The spread at The Line was impressive, featuring local delights and western comfort foods. I snapped a few pictures before succumbing to greed.

Awesome prata

Very good dim sum too, especially the har gow

Fried rice *love*


Eggy, rich-with-filling spinach quiche

Cold cuts

Open-face cereal bowls

All sorts of pastries

Carbs counter

Caffeine kick

The first couple of plates often start off innocently enough; then, I suddenly remember why I'm on the mailing list of Spanx.

Thanks Shangri La, you have been awesome!

But it was time to head back to reality and funny enough, we missed good ol' seventy-six =)


Lisa said...

Singapore has the best food.

Anonymous said...

hello yixiao!

i just came across your old post and you sounded absolutely gobsmacked on discovering that you have so many readers :)

anyway! i'm nat from your secondary school, i added you on fb recently. i think i got to your blog loooong ago from zhu's. and have been checking back in sporadically ever since! haha kind of freaky right.

but its always so comforting and endearing and therapeutic to read about good food and places, good friends, gorgeous fashion..

thanks for the fab writing and the pictures and for a (cyber)space that is a balm after a long day at the hospital! :)

goodlucks for the pregnancy! i dont know if you read karen cheng's blog but she has loads of cool stuff that she does for her kiddies. take care!

love, nat

yixiao said...

lisa, i can't deny the amazing variety we have here =)

hey nat, thanks for dropping a note and for your kind words!