Wednesday, June 12

Koombana Beach, Bunbury

One of our favourite memories happened serendipitously at Koombana Beach, Bunbury. We drove past Bunbury Farmers Market and made an impromptu pitstop to check out their goodies. And goodies, they had!

Like Charlie in a chocolate factory, I went nuts buying spices and chocolates. Since they had some takeaway food, I suggested to KW that we have a beachside picnic at nearby Koombana Beach. Our picnic consisted of sushi, vietnamese rolls, cous cous, pies and chips plus baba ganoush dip. For dessert, we (well, i had 90% of it) had the most decadent berry yogurt granola. So good! I must admit i bought it for the bottle but the granola parfait exceeded my expectations.

After lunch, the boys had a great time at the playground and the beach. A carefree relaxing time amidst great weather. Can’t ask for more.

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