Monday, May 14

Origin Bar & Grill, Shangri La Hotel

We had a substantial amount of credits that needed to be use up and our train of thought went along the lines of “When in doubt, go for steak.”

Origin Bar & Grill is one of the many restaurants at Shangri La and I’m really glad we had lunch there. The service is amazing (in fact, we enjoyed really awesome service throughout our stay at Shangri La), the food is pretty good and the ambience is modern mahogany elegance tres lovely.

Their Express Lunch Menu made for a lovely non-OTT lunch and it’s surprisingly affordable too from $34++ for 3 courses and $45++ for 4 courses. In fact, the bottle of wine we had made up half the cost of the meal. We all had the 3-course lunch set and another couple of dishes for the boys.

Williams River crossbred Wagyu Flank Steak 140g 
400 days grain fed MB 5/6

My starter of Norwegian Smoked Salmon with Seeded Cracker, Beetroot & Avocado was easy to please and welcoming start to our meal. I also tried some of the Pumpkin Soup which was sweet and creamy, punctuated with fried shallots.

For my main, I had the Wagyu flank steak, it might not seem like a lot but between heavy meals and some baguette at the start of the meal, this was the perfect portion.

Also, if I may add, we had plenty of dessert.

The cake cart was an alluring set up right at the entrance and I knew immediately what I wanted to try. We ordered their chocolate fudge cake and mixed berries tart, which was both absolutely decadent and scrumptious.

KW’s choice of the crème brulee proved to be a lovely rendition as well. Though we were only supposed to have 3 desserts, our server also presented us with his “his favorite walnut carrot cake.” As a carrot cake nut, I couldn't say "no" to his offer.

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