Wednesday, May 16

Mother's Day Dinner + May DOTM

Mother's Day this yer was remarkably ..... low key. We had my parents and in-laws over for dinner on Saturday and that was it. It didn't even "feel" like Mother's Day on Sunday and I was wondering why Sushi Tei was soo crowded till my own mother reminded me it was Mother's Day. Thanks mum! *back to stuffing my face*

Perhaps I have finally grown out of the Hallmark festivities or just suffering from post-staycation blues. Either way, I hope you celebrated it the way you wanted - as a mother, with a mother or just at home binging on salted egg fish skin. No judgement.

I did receive a couple of handmade gifts from the boys. It's amazing how my cold cold heart warms so easily at the sight of these totally un-Instagramable gifts. Ah, my boys... They make me question my sanity and worth but yet, they fix everything too. 

So... we hosted dinner and I made a few dishes - roasted pumpkin with mixed greens, japchae for my gluten-free-ish mother, and a slow-roasted beef brisket that was spent a better part of the day in the oven. 7.5 hours to be exact.

Total disclaimer: I'm not going to take any credit for the recipe and you can find it here.

The funny thing is while our parents enjoyed the brisket, I found very quickly that brisket is really not a cut of tea. Though the beef was tender and the flavour was bang-on, I missed the fat that had rendered out by the end of the cooking time. If you like the lean texture of brisket, you will enjoy this dish. For me, I'm just waiting for KW to fry up those Wagyu MB4 steaks we have in our freezer.

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