Friday, May 11

Staycation at Shangri La - Buds by Shangri-La

I mentioned Buds by Shangri-La was a key determining factor in choose Shangri La for our staycation and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a fairly sizable play area for children and it’s open to public (as in non-hotel guests) as well. There are a few areas: a soft-play zone for the little ones under four years old and their parents, an explorer area for bigger kids to go nuts (i.e. Russell), an outdoor play area (which you should be ready to get wet) and themed activity areas (for kids who prefer quiet-er play times i.e. Lucas).

We spent a couple of hours at the indoor play area… How is it that it is us adults who were wiped after the play session? I literally lay on the bed not moving for an hour after playtime.

Anyway the kids went to town at Buds. I only took one photo of Russell before he zipped away in and out, up and about. Lucas spent some time in the ball pit, like IN the ball pit and not doing anything else, before his inner Banksy took over.

Oh, Buds staffers were really friendly too and eager to engage the kids at the activity areas and outdoor playground. Fun times for the kids!

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