Thursday, June 1

Atmastel, South Beach Avenue

My in-laws chanced upon Atmastel by accident and recommend the place to us after they had a good first meal. In the day, the restaurant is bathed in natural light and an open kitchen piques diners' curiosity. Prices here though are admittedly on the high side with pizzas averaging $30++, no doubt to the fact that the culinary team is led by Andrea Tarini, an Italian chef with a "3-Michelin-star background." 

Now we all know pizzas don't need to come with any stars to taste good. Which was why we were slightly disappointed by the pizzas that visit. The pizzas were on the dry side. Kind of hard to imagine there's ever such a thing as a dry pizza but it happened.

The others dishes, though, restored our confidence. The Country Salad was stacked tall, fresh and full of pesto goodness. Addictive would be the only way to describe the Calamari and Zucchini Fritters. We happily tucked into Duck Ragout Bigoli, where the bigloli pasta provided a lesson on sensation and textures.

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