Monday, May 29

Hyang-To-Gol Korean Restaurant, Raffles City.

The evening before the Firstborn told me, he wanted to eat at a place where he can "wrap meat in lettuce." I took that to mean Korean food. We didn't want to risk the Friday crowds without any reservations and the rain eliminated several options, so we found ourselves at at Raffles City. Some of you would find the name familiar. This is an offshoot from the Amara Hotel branch. A casual, more accessible outlet.

We ordered a selection of familiar favorites - BBQ Seasoned Pork Belly, Beef Short Ribs, Kimchi Jigae and Korean Rampyeon. I really enjoyed the meal - perhaps the sight of the Firstborn tucking vivaciously into galbi wrapped in lettuce and Korean ramyeon made my heart sing.

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