Monday, June 12

A weekend summed up with food photos

What a title. Zero points for creativity. But hey, we ate well and we spent great time catching up with friends and family.

On Saturday, we prepared a belated birthday lunch for my mother-in-law. Slow roasted lamb shanks with garlic and anchovies. I love love love anchovies and these shanks were tender and toothsome.

Kw recently came back from a business trip to St Petersburg and he brought back a small (and ridiculously expensive) can of sturgeon caviar. My MIL loves angel hair pasta so I made a creamy angel hair pasta with caviar and shrimp. Got to admit, I don't really care much for burn-a-hole-in-your-wallet caviar.

An apricot almond Caesar salad balanced out the meal. I found fresh apricots from Turkey in the supermarket and this is the first time I have having apricots that didn't come out of a bag. 

On Saturday night, we attended a friend's birthday party and we lapped up some seriously good homemade lamb biryani and fried chicken. Might not look pretty or Instagram-worthy but I felt super lucky to be able to partake in such a meal.

The birthday carrot cake was super moist, and stuffed with shredded carrots and walnuts. A worthy contender for best carrot cake in town. Ain't the cake pretty too?

I don't normally rave about brownies but these were amazeballs. I had two, then I stopped counting.

Come Sunday, we had friends over for lunch. It's been ghastly hot these days so we kept things simple. Lemon panko thyme salmon - ah so good! I am really glad I love something that is good for me. 

Soba salad, inspired by Wheat Bamkuchen. A keeper. Definitely a great dish for the hot summer days.

Hope your weekend was just as good too!


julie said...

hey yixiao
where do u get the recipes for the food in this post? they look so good !!

yixiao said...

hey julie, thank you for your comment! i usually adapt recipes to my liking. which recipe are you looking for? can you email me at if you prefer to get the recipe via email? thanks thanks!