Wednesday, May 24

Ma Maison Tonkatsu (Westgate)

Ma Maison Tonkatsu came highly recommended by a colleague. While he prefers the Mandarin Gallery outlet, we were in the vicinity of Westgate and seized the opportunity to make a trip. If you haven't guessed, this Ma Maison specialises in tonkatsu and they are great at what they do. The restaurant is clearly popular with patrons and re-fills seemed to be the order of the day.

KW and I shared the prawn and pork loin set. Despite the exuberantly panko-ed exterior, the tonkatsu was impressively moist, no doubt thanks to the fatty pork they used. Nothing but praises for the jumbo prawns that they used - in fact, our boys loved the prawns more than the dish we ordered for them below.

We also ordered a few oysters and crab croquette to share. My darlin' lord, the oysters were amazing! Absolutely plump and divine. I would denfitely order them again at leat the risk of tempting cholesterol fate. The crab croquette, on the other hand, was coyingly creamy - not my favourite texture.

We ordered the Rosu Katsu Don for the boys but I think we adults enjoyed it more. Again, very competently done tonkatsu pork topped with a eggy sauce that had seeped through the plump rice grains. Comfort food oishii desu.

The complimentary miso soup, cabbage and rice are re-fillable. I love how there is the option of multi-grain rice (any trick to make yourself feel better about ingesting all that deep fried food) and the miso soup is far from your average feeble broth. 

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