Friday, December 23

Greyhound Cafe, Thonglor Bangkok

As you might have heard, greyhound café has descended onto our tiny island with their inaugural outlet at Paragon. So why did we visit the one in Bangkok? Simple – it isn’t ridiculously 2-3-times-overpriced. I finally understand why people cafehop in Bangkok - apart from the lifestyle aspect, the prices are also not absurdly hyped up in a $20-for-eggs-and-toast way. Daniel from Daniel Food Diary has a more thorough breakdown of the prices on his blog. I know I know … Blame the landlords, there are our modern-day oligarchs. Thankfully as consumers, we also have a choice to exercise our right to fish out those dollars when we see fit.

The history of Greyhound brings to mind our local PS Café – both started out with apparel before branching out into the F&B scene and their crowds are largely made up of the upper middle class, tourists and expats. Like most cafes these days, they operate similar to a chain, which is why you will find a Greyhound Café or Sweet Hound branch in most major upmarket malls. The guys on our team found it bewildering when we took the BTS and walked 15 mins under the hot sun to visit their Thonglor branch. Oops, sorry guys.    

Onto the food, members of the clan unanimously found the food to be better at Greyhound, compared to Audrey.  


Crowd favorite Calamari Fritti was served with punchy tartar sauce. A squeeze of lemon is essential for grease-control.

The famous Greyhound Fried Chicken Wings were unfortunately dry and lacklustre.

 Another signature starter Crispy Sweet Corn with Crab Meat was served with the quintessential Thai sweet sauce. Super moreish.

Caesar Salad – Yes, I know my fetish for Caesar salads is alarming.

KW’s Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy made me raise more than an eyebrow but he enjoyed it very much.

My mum’s Minced Pork and Smoked Balls was right up my alley too. The last sentence sounds weird. True though.

I lapped up the Crab Fried Rice that we ordered for the boys. I am such a fried rice freak.  The accompanying broth was a bowlful of comfort.

I am glad the desserts we ordered were as good as their savoury dishes, and I was really taken with their Banoffee Crumble and Walnut brownie.

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