Thursday, December 22

Audrey Cafe des Fleurs Emquartier, Bangkok

Next to decidedly upmarket at Emquartier is Helix, a multi- storey haven for cafehoppers and tastemakers. We had lunch at the unabashedly girly Audrey Cafe des Fleurs, which is part of the Audrey Group that has popular cafes around Bangkok. Almost like a secret garden within the green sanctuary of Helix, the café is decked out with artificial plants and flowers, artistically-placed picture frames, and French vintage furniture. Glad to report the 3 gentlemen in our family, perhaps brimming with masculine confidence, partook in the meal with zero complains.

The expansive menu serves up western and Thai favourites, and perhaps consequently thai-western fusion dishes. There is something for everyone though not everyone will feel the same way about the meal.

We were split into 2 tables since the bigger tables were taken up by expat taitais. On the other table, my younger sister absolutely abhorred the crab souffle she ordered, while my elder sister thought the two pasta dishes were so-so.Be careful with what you choose.


On our table, we fared better with conservative choices – pork knuckle rice paper rolls, classic Caesar salad, gargantuan cheeseburger with toasty fries, and creamy unctuous carbonara.

The highlight of our meal was their puffy omelette which was seriously dreamy, albeit a little greasy, and I had a field day dunking these into the addictive Thai dipping sauce which came with the rice paper rolls.

For desserts, we shared their signature Thai tea crepe cake (the fakeness of their flower pots desserts put me off), and it was pretty good – my younger sister was almost tempted to get one for the flight home.

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