Monday, September 26

Great Ocean Road

After many days in the city, we took a break from urban life and went on a day trip long the Great Ocean Road. We didn’t want to deal with a car since it was just a day trip, but if truth be told, it was a really (too) long coach ride. I would highly recommend you rent a car and find one or two interesting towns to make a pitstop. It was cloudy and drizzly too which didn't make for much fun but at least we learnt plenty more about the Aussie history. #moredinnerconversationtopics

We lunched at Apollo Seafood Café, and was rewarded with an amazing lobster burger filled with fresh chunks of sweetish briny lobster meat and coleslaw. And all for AUD$12! They had good fish & chips too; we tried their local flake and loved it. But their calamari was batter-heavy and clumsy. Come for the fish & chips, stay for the lobster burger.

That said, I had a mini epiphany on the road trip: With more than 10 hrs on the road with 2 little ones, I was seriously doubting this day trip until Russell interrupted my thoughts and said, "We forgot to celebrate 公公's birthday!" I could kiss his little face for reminding me that it wasn't about where we were or how many apostles we saw, but just to savour the time we have together. Kids, knocking sense into you when you least expect it.

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