Monday, August 1

Weekend at Gardens by the Bay

Perhaps in connection with National Day, Gardens by the Bay has a really “Orchid Extravaganza” going on from now till 28 August in the Flower Dome.We had a lovely time with the boys there over the weekend. The countdown to the next weekend officially begins ... xoxo

Over a team lunch, one of my colleagues let on she knew approximately how many "productive work days" she has left (around 15000 days) and what she was doing to make sure she was absolutely efficient. While that was quite an absurd thought, I realized I habour similar sentiments towards my children. By a conservation estimate, I roughly have about 10 more years with them. 10 years where I'm the center of their universe, where they will repeat "Mama" about a dozen times within 3 minutes, and fight between themselves to sit on me.

10 years. 3650 days.

Sobering thoughts... Life put in perspective for you. Let's make every day count.


Anonymous said...

I was at Gardens over the weekend for the festival and had I known the flower dome looked like this earlier (less crowded) I would have gone. That would have kept me away from the blistering heat!

yixiao said...

We didn't mean to be early but we were there at 8.55am so one of the first few in the queue. Definitely worth be early for :)
The heat - tell me about it 😭