Friday, July 29

Birthday Barachirashi at Haru Haru

I tend to do small meals and catch-ups for my birthday and this year, there was a loose theme - Chirashi/Barachirashi. This food theme thing is frankly quite fun. I should consider having a theme every year. 

There are lots of "Most Popular Chirashis" lists out there but I was surprised to discover an underrated barachirashi at Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant at AMK Jubilee Square. Amply chunky sashimi blanketed the rice, which was seasoned with tobiko, sakura denbu and furikake. 

The restaurant offers a pretty Premium Chirashi Don but I was oddly not in the mood for anything fancy-pants. This on it own was thoroughly enjoyable. To add on, this barachirashi is part of a lunch set, which makes it heck-yeah value for your buck.

The Haru Sushi Roll is reminiscent of all the other famous rolls out there e.g., Shiok Maki at Koh Sushi and Salmon Aburi roll and Ebi Avocado at The Sushi Bar. I love aburi-mentaiko as much as I love salted egg stuff. Unlike salted egg stuff which is often disappointing, aburi-mentaiko never plays with my feelings. Time to put the blow torch we have at home to good use. 

The Kagoshima Wagyu Don, though not as nicely presented at food-tasting events, was extremely moreish. The beef slices were well-seared and tender, though the rice dripping with sweet beefy juice/sauce was technically enough for a "rice barrel" such as myself. An onsen egg just made the dish that much more gratifying. The fried garlic bits are not date-friendly, but you might want to consider dropping that person who can't appreciate your love for garlic.

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