Friday, February 5

Popiah from Lau Pa Sat

After a few crazy weeks at work, I decided to take some time and step out of the office for lunch.  Despite the proximity, I hardly visit Lau Pa Sat, as it gets stifling hot during lunch peak hour and I am sorry to say this, it feels like a tourist trap. But today I was early and I remembered a store selling popiah so a leap of faith was taken.

Lo and behold! This popiah from the same store that sells pizzas, buffalo wings and rojak (really a "rojak" array of offerings) was surprisingly good and best of all, two for $2.50. #bestbuy I am delighted with my find and know there is at least something good awaiting me after the CNY break.

Oh, I am so ready for the long weekend! Have a festive one, y'all~

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