Wednesday, February 10

Chinese New Year 2016

Hello folks, how are you guys doing this cool Wednesday morning? Feeling refreshed from the long weekend? I don't get to say this often but ... TGIW! Chinese New Year this year was surprisingly relaxing. Though we did our usual visiting and entertaining, I was pretty much thankful for spending time with my family, the awesome cool weather and good food (in that order).

We kickstarted the festivities a day earlier with reunion dinner at my parents' place. I can always count on my parents to put an awesome spread together - and this year, my mum's client happened to be a seafood wholesale supplier, and passed her a bunch of crab legs, scallops and shrimp. Good stuph! 

Quite frankly, with the madness going on at work, I didn't bother to doll up our place. I should put in more effort like my parents - dear cyber friends, doesn't their place look festive?!

My parents are really self-sufficient-and-efficient, they have more Chinese New Year goodies and decorations than me! I didn't know what to get for my parents, so I make a bouquet for them. Turns out I am one of those who likes giving out flowers more than receiving them. #luckyhusband

Though Chinese New Year snacks run a plenty, two things  I look forward to are my aunt's butter cookies and kueh lapis from my in-laws' side. Cos' you can't go wrong with butter, butter, and more butter. 

Speaking of butter, my dad's friend made the best pineapple tarts this year. The little nuggets hold their shape long enough to dissolve in your mouth Unfortunately, the poor dude is wiped out from the demand and might not make them next year. Sadness! 

The Firstborn is not a fan of being in front of the camera these days (anyone gone through the same thing?), but I am glad we have decent family photos. It was also really lovely to look back at last year's photos, and see how far Lucas has grown.


Took the kids out for cake. Lucas had a case of the Saturday Night Fever. 


My kids' photos kill me! Sorry, please excuse the sappiness till they turn 12 yeah? We cleaned up nicely for Day #2, and one of my favourite photos was a result of Russell monkeying around. Good times.  

Wishing you all (yes, all 12 of you) a prosperous and bountiful Monkey year! 


Yuu said...

YX, Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family:) 新年快乐, 万事如意!🍊🍊

Anonymous said...

I love your pink outfit! Please share where the fashionista you got them from? Thank you!

yixiao said...

Happy new year to you too, Yuu!

I got the top from some random shop at Thomson plaza 🤗