Wednesday, February 17

Oriole Coffee + Bar, Somerset

Sometime last year, Oriole underwent a major revamp and reopened as Oriole Coffee + Bar. Well, Coffee might be the thing to have at Oriole Coffee + Bar, but we didn't take a sipe of caffeine. Instead, we have a hearty good meal... Nothing fancy, kinda cosy and yummy food you can surely count on.

In need of some greens after all that CNY feasting, we had a warm spinach salad. It was pretty light and healthy-tasting, if you are into that sort of thing. The next time round I'll get a classic Caesar salad. Chopped. I'm done expecting my salads to be chopped. I will have them chopped (pumps fist into the air).

Anti-climatic yolk porn

I absolutely loved the fish tacos - battered snapper fillets and shredded cabbage tucked into toasted tortillas, served alongside a mango salsa and drizzle of spicy chipotle aioli. I will definitely order this again. Mini gripe: I would have liked more of that refreshingly yummy mango salsa.

KW had his heart - and gut - set on the Cubano. It was this that brought us to Oriole, thanks to a conversation we had after I had watched an episode of Broke Bites. Oh boy, if only you could see the actual size of the Cubano. Talk about Big Foot foot long! It was a lot to get through and thankfully, a delicious lot to heave and inhale. One of the best sandwiches around for sure.

A couple of sides were served alongside - a undressed mesclun salad and sinning Cajun fries. I do very much like Cajun fries - they remind me of an episode back in the day when my parents took my sister and I to South Africa and we spent an entire day at the water theme park, and eating nothing but greasy BBQ-seasoned fries that were so greasy they soaked through the parchment bag.


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