Monday, February 15

Prive, Asian Civilisations Museum

Taking a break from our CNY visits, KW and I took the boys to Prive for some coffee and cake. Well, coffee for us, and cake for all to share. Not many places were open on the second day of CNY, but we headed to Prive since KW had not been there and I have been meaning to make a return since my team offsite last year.

CNY is the time of the year when you are literally devoid of hunger and just when you thought you were stuffed to the gills, your hand unconsciously pops in another pineapple tart, much to the misery of your gut. #firstworldproblems Determined to practise good role-modelling, we practiced some form of moderation and shared 2 desserts - a tiramisu and caramel cheesecake.

The tiramisu, which was shared between just KW and I, was a boozy woozy version with a hint of coffee scent. Caffeine and alcohol? *Looks at Russell and Lucas* Yeah, bring it.

The caramel cheesecake adorned with jewel-like strawberries was the favored of the two. The oat-and-digestive base made for a rather unique base too. You should have seen Russell puncture the cheesecake like a caveman spearing his prey. Cue proud parent moment.

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