Friday, February 19

More from Chalk Farm

We celebrated my younger sister's birthday with a medley of cakes from Chalk Farm - just the way she liked it. She chose a great selection, consisting of a salted caramel cupcake, coffee walnut cake, sugee cake and carrot cake with whiskey... Flavours right up my buttercream alley.

The cakes at Chalk Farm are pretty simple. Maybe even ordinary if you compare them to multi-tier pastries or delicately piped desserts. Yet I'm sure we can agree that there is something magical about simple things done well.

Coffee desserts makes me happy so coffee cake with coffee buttercream frosting makes me really really happy. I just love how assertive the coffee flavour is. The coffee cake might look commonplace but I have not come across anyone else who makes coffee cakes. We need to have a chat, bakers.

The good old fashioned sugee cake was chosen for my mum. The almond flavour was pretty strong so it would work for you or against you, depending on how nuts you are about almonds.

My sister really liked the whiskey carrot cake. While I thought it was an exemplary carrot cake (moist, airy and stuffed with carrots, sultanas, walnuts etc.), I could hardly taste the whiskey. Still a great carrot cake to nibble on - just don't offer it to kids to be on the safe side. Yes, this is a family-friendly blog after all. Oh, I must confess seeing grated carrot makes me feel a lot better about eating carrot cake.

When I look back at my previous visits to Chalk Farm, every visit to chalk is never complete without one of their salted caramel offering. An airy spongey treat topped off with the most delectable salted caramel buttercream. All together now, swoon!

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