Wednesday, December 23

Wedding lunch at St. Regis

I love weddings. Apart from my own, I really really really love attending weddings. However, it dawned on us recently that we have 8 weddings to attend over the next 13 months. While we thrilled about being able to celebrate with our family and friends, my bank account balance is not going to look too good. Not good at all.

To kick things off, we attended my cousin's wedding at St. Regis last weekend. It's our second wedding there and both times (the food) have been great! I took some pictures of the food but not every dish, especially those that I could't wait to tuck in. Each portion was individually served, which meant no second helpings =( 

Smoked duck, prawn ball with banana sauce, and roasted pork belly 

I was starving by the time they served up the first dish, and could definitely have done with more of that salty, fatty roasted pork belly to tide through the Best Man and Maid of Honour speeches. 

Double-boiled chicken soup

So glad there was none of that fakey shark's fun. This double-boiled chicken soup was seriously good. Clear, aromatic and comforting. 

Deep-fried cod with mango salsa 

This cod fish dish, along with the herbal chicken wrapped in lotus dish, had us wooing and aching. Even Lucas got in on the action, much to his joy. 

Stir-fried fish noodle with scallop and prawn 

Points for creativity though not my favourite carb. At least it wasn't ee fu noodle *gag*

The only shot I got of the wedding couple. Great speeches, by the way.

The way to my heart - chocolates. I secretly wish someone would give out the old-fashioned fruit cake. #Nostalgia

Russell held up surprisingly well, given that lunch was nearly 4 hours long.  

Papa and Tubbs

Love my 'do

A family shot - we will keep trying to get a half-decent one


Anonymous said...

I love love love the hairdo! Pray tell where your hair stylist is? Thank you.

yixiao said...

Look for May from Prestige Hair & Beauty (Thomson Plaza)