Monday, December 21

Ishinomaki Grill & Sake, Palais Renaissance

You can tell alot about a Japanese restaurant from their chawamushi and miso soup. Normally, both side dishes would be one-dimensional, pedestrian, and plain forgettable. It is not every day when you would find a restaurant that adds orange peel to chawamushi for that added fragrance, and fish head to make their miso soup more robust - and that's why we like Ishinomaki.

From the set lunch menu, I had the Premium Bara Chirashi, which came with additional uni and Ikura, compared to the usual Bara Chirashi. KW had the unagi and sashimi set, while I ordered assorted tempura for Russell. The dishes were all well-made and very satisfying - I was seriously fighting food coma during my manicure after lunch.

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