Thursday, December 24

Sole Pomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria, Quayside Isle

After a failed attempt to get into Gardens by the Bay, we drove over to Quayside Isle to hang out. We didn't want to have dinner at Kith as the food is so-so at best, and by process of elimination, we had dinner at Sole Pomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria. And it was a surprisingly good dinner.

Vibrant set-up, exuding Mediterranean charm

The complimentary olive foccacia was right up yummeh. Fluffy, olive-y and perfect for sopping up the roasted red pepper dip. 


Of course, we had calamari. Good ol' crispy, chewy deep-fried calamari. Love em'


We had their namesake pizza, made with mozzarella, semi-sun-dried tomatoes, crispy potatoes, sliced onions and Italian sausage. Tasty... very tasty.


This was from the Kid's Menu but it was perfect for us adults. Al dente, creamy but not too creamy, and absolutely unctuous.


Why am I posting a salad last? Because it was served last... I know what you are thinking? How could it possibly take longer to prepare a salad? On top of it, this most $21.90 - major ouch. I've done the math in my head but I still don't get it. Mind-baffling. 

Is it me or are the brothers starting to look more alike?

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