Monday, September 28

Bar-Roque Grill, Amara Hotel

I have bloggged about the seriously good food at Bar-Roque Grill on not just one, but two occasions, but our third visit marks the charm. If I had to rank all the steakhouses I've tried in Singapore, Bar-Roque Grill is definitely within the top three.

We returned for KW's birthday and what really took the cake (or pie) was the amazing service from frontline to backend. When I made a request for them to add a Star Wars reference to the dessert, they took it up by a notch by presenting us with this lovely surprise.

I've often read that Caesar Salads are insidiously calorie-riddled, but I enjoy them all the same. Bar-Roque's Caesar is an example of a test-tested classic done well, dotted with perfect half-boiled quail eggs, anchovies and bacon.

I am normally wary of octopus dishes, which tend to be more bite than bark. The The chargrilled octopus salad is certainly worthy of being one of the restaurant's signature dishes. The octopus is toothsome without posing any dangers to dentures, and the Romesco sauce tied everything up beautifully.

We also shared smoked salmon Tarte Flambée. I was quite ready to dismiss it as a French pizza wannabe but it honestly quite moreish. It offered a good nibble without filling us up too much.

A safe-enough option would be the sautéed spinach and goat cheese. Nothing surprising, but a good way to get more greens in your system.

A more interesting side dish would be the delicious Ravioles “Royans.”  I like to call them Pillows of Creeping Destruction, especially since one is barely capable of staying awake after such a creamy unctuous filler.

Might be abit of an exaggeration here, but it's safe to say a Tomahawk is always within grasp whenever we celebrate birthdays. Nothing quite satisfies like a hunk of steak and we cleaned up this 1.5kg Tomahawk nicely.

Salty, beefy, buttery and smoky - our Tomahawk bore most elements of a great steak. After we were 90% done, they took the bond back, shaved off extra bits and gave them a good sear on the grill. Kicking up the temperature intensified the flavors and we wished the first round had enjoyed this trait.

Almond cookies with coffee? Don't mind if I help myself to a couple.

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