Thursday, October 1

Figs Roasted Shallots Salad + Crab Angel Hair Pasta + Roasted Whole Salmon

It usually is a week-long celebration when KW celebrates his birthday. Not because he's a megalomanic with an ego to match, but because he prefers small gatherings with his family and friends. 

We did something small over the weekend with a couple of KW's closest and oldest friends, and whipped these dishes for them. I think out of all the meals we have made so far, this is one of our favourites =)

Figs, with roasted shallots, blue cheese and jamon

I only made this dish because we have a bunch of shallots sitting in the fridge. My friends, slow-roasting shallots is the way to go, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

 Crab Angel Hair Pasta, based of this recipe

The original recipe needs some tweaking but this is a lovely light pasta worth trying out.

Roasted Whole Salmon

By a stroke of luck, there was an amazing deal for salmon at Cold Storage and we bought the entire dang fish. KW made this sublime roasted whole salmon

Vernon and Yiling got a Strawbery Mille Feuille from Chef Yamaahita, with an appropriate message.

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