Saturday, September 26

Paul Boulangerie, Paragon

We headed to Paul for lunch after finding Sushi Tei unexpectedly undergoing renovations. The food was pretty decent, though yes pricey. Admittedly, we stayed there for coffee and desserts out of convenience. 

Moelleux Citron Framboises
Fncy name for a raspberry lemon cake but to be honest, it was a rather grainy cake with none of that lemony flavour coming through. Pity.

Tarte Abricot 
Apricots might not be my favourite fruit but this was a pretty likeable tart, filled with lots of apricots and light custard cream.

Millefeuille Chocolat
My craving for chocolate was met with this Millefeuille Chocolat. It doesn't have the flakiest of layers but the rich chocolatey saved it from being a dud. 

Saving the best for last, the Palmier is undeniably one of their best pasties. Sweet, crunchy and buttery... You have got to try their Palmier!

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