Wednesday, August 12

Motorino Pizza, Clarke Quay

Ah Motorino, such fond memories! Motorino was one of our favourite eateries when KW and I went to New York City for our honeymoon. They have an outlet now in Singapore (after Hong Kong and Manila) and we visited to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.

Before carb-loading, we had a couple of salad - Caesar and Mixed Greens. Thought it made for a less than usual presentable, stacking it all into a bowl didn't seem like a practical way to eat salads.

I can't comment much as the dressing was served on the side, upon our family's request. I very much prefer my salads tossed by the deft hands of the kitchen staff.

The meatballs were a hefty golf-ball-sized, one would fill you and two would knock you over. Approach with caution. Though tender, it would be good if there were a sear to counter the looming monotony.

The steamed clams, ubiquitous but serviceable. The lonesome toast did not make for good sharing but there were pizzas coming up so you would not want to load up on too much bread. 

The chicken wings are seriously good! Make sure everyone around the table has at least one or it could get ugly.

The menu is tight and this is a pizzeria, so you don't have any other options for mains if you are gluten-intolerant. Then again, ordering another bowl of wings doesn't seem like a bad idea.





With an impressive oven onsite, the pizzas were all awesome, completed with charred puffy crusts. I am not going to psychoanalyse them individually as they kind of melded the same after a while but they were respectable pizzas. If I have to nitpick, the clam pizza was paltry with toppings.

I absolutely love tiramisu and had to try Motorino's version. A lovely creamy tiramisu though the bottom was a wee bit too wet.

The sweet people at Motorino served us a slice of Torta Al Ciccolato as they knew we were celebrating our grandmother's birthday and this was WTF good. Kneel-over dense and insanely rich.

Don't worry, yours truly made sure we didn't leave anything behind.

Like their pizzas, the service was earnest and pleasing - a rarity in the industry these days.

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