Monday, August 10

Jubilee weekend

How was your sg50 weekend? I am beyond thankful it is a 4-day weekend!

We had a small sg50 dinner gathering with friends. After parties, KW and I usually have this post-modem discussion, but this time round, we just talked about how lucky we were to have friends as fun and down-to-earth this group of people. 

A "mod sin" menu including "Yu Sheng" salad, truffle mee pok, salted egg chicken and Wagyu MB4 steak.

Gahhh! I love salted egg chicken and I am thrilled this tasted pretty darn close to what you get at tze char stalls. Just don't ask how much butter I used. 

Awesome friends brought durian 猫山王 and 皇中皇; awesome colleagues brought desserts from Le Cafe.

Threenagers Russell and Owen bonded over bubble wands (too cute for words). FYI bubble wands sabres rock.

Loads of quality time spent with the kiddos too. After our regular Munckin-and-Mummy breakfast date, I took Russell to see the RSAF Black Knights. We survived the trip, public transportation, crowds and all. It was the Munckin's first time on the MRT; I think he prefers the bus with the option of scenery.

We also took the kids to SEA Aquarium, which never fails to amaze me. I am actually tempted to get a RWS season pass just for this attraction. 

Lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at Sin Lee Foods, which I will save for another post. But all in all, I am both thankful and proud to be a Singaporean!

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