Wednesday, January 14

First home entertaining for 2015 - Surf & Turf

Before the delivery, we had a last hoorah with KW's friends, who weren't around for our Christmas party.

Knowing that our guests were going to bring something from Chef Yashimata, we kept things simple with steak and pasta, and oh yes, salad Sun chips.

Dry-aged steaks aren't easy to find in Singapore so KW decided to get 2kg worth of US Ribeye from Culina and dry-age them himself. These steaks were a labour of love as the Mister dry-aged them for 4 days. 

My celebratory meat is definitely steak so these were a real pre-delivery treat.

I made a cold lobster linguine with truffle oil. I'll post the recipe soon and it's a keeper. Yes, lobster and truffle? Like er, hello? #BreakTheInternet

Nope, no truffle snobs in this household. 

Newlyweds Vernon and Yiling brought a Mont Blanc from Chef Yamashita to celebrate the new beginnings (new year, job and soon, kid).

A delightful treat with squiggly chestnut cream, sponge cake and chantily cream atop a buttery puff pastry base. It wasn't overly sweet, and the layers were incredibly soft yet decadent. Oishii desu!

Naturally, we banged out our Haagen Daaz stash because cake and ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea. 

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Bern said...

u spoil your very lucky guests!! :)