Wednesday, October 22

Random bits, Seoul 2014

Love the passive-agreesive tone of the non-smoking warning

Travelling with kids tip #1: Pay for space. 
Service apartments rock, especially when you have a hyper-active 2 year who needs space to rrrruuuuunnnn! 

An pan from Sinsegae's bakery was amazingly packed with grounded red bean. 

A shitty version of an pan pancake... Don't you just love the quirkiness?

Travelling with kids tip #2: Take breaks.  
The cranberry muffin from Starbucks was surprisingly moreish. 

Travelling with kids tip #3: 
Bring along a partner who doesn't mind doing the heavy-lifting. 

Soft serve ice-cream brand Honey Creme

Liquid nitrogen ice cream Voila Noir

Parfait from Myeondong

Travelling with kids tip #4: Offer bribes that you can handle. 
That said, we never found an ice cream that hit the sweet spot in Seoul.

Travelling with kids tip #5: Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.
Your kids might surprise you. Above it all, stay "wish full" and awesome!

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