Friday, October 24

Genki Sushi, Orchard Central

We celebrated the intern-becoming-an-offical-member-of-the-team with lunch at her favourite restaurant Genki Sushi at Orchard Central. The guys were struck by the existence of Orchard Gateway - incredibly embarrassing. Anyho, it was super fun to watch the mountain tortoises take on the iPad ordering system. Good times. 

A very decent sashimi moriwase

Seaked salmon with pollack roe - top gun of the day

More salmon to boost our brain power

Seared fluke - always pleasing

Surprisingly good surf clam salad

Crunchy salmon skin

Vegetable kakiage with thin and crispy batter

Spicy salmon - likeable if you like heat with your kewpie. I do. 

Garlic-butter oysters, which I am told, were very good

Panko-crusted oysters - a weakness of mine

Overly starchy and forgettable 

More omega-3 for the little bun

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