Tuesday, October 21

Street food in Myeongdong, Seoul

Russell has recently taken a liking to chicken (kid loves his vegetables and I'm not complaining) so we got some grilled chicken and leeks on a stick.

Cheese and coleslaw (made with fake crabsticks and cabbage) enacased in a bread that has been coated in panko and deep-fried to bring out all of its glory. So wrong but so right. It's probably one of those things I would only find acceptable in Seoul, and more specifically the streets of Myeongdong.

Peekaboo, you can't see the crabstick within but yup, it's encase with the ubiquitous odeng (fishcake) and slathered with another ubiquitous sweet spicy red sauce. 

This is a popular parfait stand but I must admit milk-based ice creams which seem incredibly common in seoul are not really my thing.

At least the little one enjoyed it. 

This - a street food stand packed with skewers and bubbling pools of tteotpokki - was my favourite sight in Seoul!

Instead of a proper sit-down lunch, we spent our last meal in Seoul, over-ordering and soaking up whatever Myeongdong had to offer.

We tried sundae (blood sausage) for the first time and it went down well with the Mister; I found it too gelatinous for my liking. This only meant I could spend more time with my darling tteobokki. My love for tteobokki is pretty tragic, I know.

While we were noshing on the spicy skewers and stews, Russell busied himself with gimbap. 

Tteotbokki wrapped in odeng and sausages. Familiar ingredients, different configuration.

The odeng theme continues with this huge sausage wrapped in odeng.

I really liked it there. I could have stayed longer - and eaten more - but we had a flight to catch. Sad face.

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