Friday, September 26

Nutella Brownies by Kirbie's Cravings

There are stories or history texts of how men get called up for war and their wives make them a magnificent meal to send them off. That was kind of how I felt when I baked these Nutella brownies. Of course, I am being melodramatic here. The Mister had a late (2 freakin' AM) flight to catch for work and to stay awake (that's way past my bedtime), I decided to try out a super duper easy recipe.

Yeap, kitchen confidence isn't exactly shooting through the roof these days... 

Kirbie wasn't kidding when she said these were the "easiest 3 ingredient Nutella Brownies." However, I like my brownies on the fwudgy side so I will try baking them for 13 minutes next time. In the meantime, TGIF!

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