Monday, September 29

Cold fish lunch

Once in a while, the colleagues and I will venture out of the norm and take the train out for lunch.  On this occasion we took the train to Orchard, and when colleague J mentioned he would like sashimi, I suggested grabbing some from the Cold Storage at Takashimaya. 

The colleague chose this tray of Japanese sea bass sashimi that was presented in a glorified manner, worthy of the fish's sacrifice. Thumbs up for its undeniable freshness. 

On top of that, the three of us shared some aburi makis and nigiris as well. All this for $40 buckaroos... What a bargain!

This nigiri line-up fueled my love for aburi We weren't expecting restaurant quality but on a regular salaryman budget, this was super satisfying. 

I loved this hugeass funky maki, which was kind of like a mega california roll but topped with either raw or aburi salmon. Sigh, this makes me miss the bastisized rolls we had in California....

This is my kind of working lunch. Whenever I have salmon sushi or sashimi, I can literally feel myself walking on air thereafter. *Omm*

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