Thursday, September 4

Lunches at La Sirena at Point Yamu, Phuket

With a toddler on board, we frankly didn't feel like leaving the realm of the resort and roughing it out in the streets of Phuket. Though that limited our dining options, it was a trade-off we more than welcomed - and besides, the food at the resort was darn yummy anyway. 

A brimming bread basket that was irresistible on the first day but we quickly learnt our lesson. Are you on Team EVOO or Team Butter? I belong to the formal category. 

A very pretty smoked tuna salad that was light and refreshing start to our meal. If I had more discipline, this would have been my lunch over the next couple of days. 

I have a seriously weak spot for calamari. As soon as I see it in menus, I just pray and hope a kindred soul would ask for it so that I don't have to be the only noob around. A squeeze of lemon and mayo from the Le Creuset pot, it was good times with the calamari. Good times indeed.  

Littered generously with clams and vey al dente, the linguine vongole was quite sensational and I am not even a pasta person. 

Sending some of us into a mid-afternoon slump were two crispy and chewy pizzas, one topped with spinach and mozzerella, and another topped with sausage and fennel. 

Over the next couple of days, we were a wee bit too early for the lunch menu so we ordered off the Aqua Bar menu instead. This ain't no W Hotel club sandwich but the turkey club sandwich was still very respectable and mighty tasty. 

I never thought I would say the Yamu Burger was quietly frankly one of the best burgers I have had in a while (disclaimer: I tend not to order burgers as I am often disappointed by them). In fact, after KW ordered this on the second day, I decided to end my trip in Phuket with one big beefy bang by ordering one of this monsters. P.S. The chunky fries were amazing too!

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