Wednesday, September 3

Breakfast at La Sirena, Point Yamu, Phuket

One of the best things about vacations is undeniably the breakfast buffet. Sad to say, the breakfast buffet is often a disturbing scene of overpopulation with throngs of hungry folks juggling plates and kids, an incredible but wasteful array that stretches beyond your line of sight, and scruffy tables either carelessly or deliberately left uncleaned.

Thankfully, we were spared from that scene of chaos at La Sirena, Point Yamu’s Italian restaurant.

I loved how bottles of freshly squeezed juice and punchy caffeinated drinks greeted you upon arrival. They even had wheatgrass shots that I regretfully tried.

This was followed on with little cups of yogurts, jars of cereal and delicate slices of freshly cut tropical fruits.

Carbs including coffee donuts, Danishes and pumpkin cinnamon swirls rounded up the buffet line.

It was a tidy but plentiful variety. Nope, no cold cuts, crustaceans or an eggs-done-12-ways station that would stain one’s fresh start to the day.

That said, it wasn’t all rabbit food and liquid diet.

We were all provided with an a la carte menu that was more than sufficient, filled with delicious takes on your usual breakfast pickings as well as healthier-than-thou options.

A few of the dishes we had and some that were repeated included corn cakes with smoked salmon and feta...

Egg white omelette with braised spinach. The omelette with cheese and leeks was even better.

And this, my friend, was a revelation! Thai-style bacon and eggs – deep-fried soft boiled egg and chunky cut of sticky bacon drizzled with sweet-chili sauce served with sticky rice. Unbelievable.

As you can see, this was definitely a meal worth dragging the Man and Munckin out of the bed for.


Bern said...

wow that was one thick slab of bacon...i thought it was fish!

yixiao said...

Bacon of your dreams.