Friday, September 5

Dinner at Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant, Point Yamu, Phuket

Apart from La Sirena, the only other dining option is Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant. Room service doesn’t count as that menu is simply a rehash of what you will get at the restaurant. I guess, it would be doing our hosts a major disservice if we didn’t have at least one Thai meal during our stay at Point Yamu.


Before dinner, we hang out with the pool for Happy Hour for the Mister while Munckin and I picked up mieng kam (betel leaves) and shrimp crackers with an addictive chill dip

Known as the “sister to the Metropolitan Hotel's Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok,” this little sister had big shoes to fill and certainty delivered beyond our expectations.

Starters included a delicious smoked duck and coconut pancakes as well as papaya salad with handpicked crab.

A tan-thai-lizing massaman lamb shank curry and pad thai fired up our senses more quickly than one could say, “kob kun kaa.” 

The special of the day – deep-fried garoupa with lemongrass and tamarind chilli sauce – was picked through its bony crunchy head.

Desserts such as durian crepes with ice cream and mango sticky rice with salted coconut cream offered sweet relief to the delectable heat from our mains.

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